10+ Best Google Chrome Features And Extensions

Originally posted on March 22, 2022 @ 3:45 pm

Learn about the main features and extensions to customize your homepage, become more productive, block ads and increase the convenience of browsing in Google Chrome.

Extensions and features for Chrome can help with productivity, security and even gaining followers on social media. Also called adds-on or plugins, these applications add new functionality to the browser’s native features.

Available on the official Chrome Web Store, to add them, just go to their app store page and click on Add to Chrome. It is important to have a good internet connection, such as Centurylink internet or broadband.

The store offers a variety of categories such as fun, photos, developer tools, and productivity. There are also options for apps to improve communication, make purchases, manage blogs, facilitate research, among others. Find out which are the main.

1) Google Maps Earth View

This extension isn’t exactly the most useful on our list, but it will certainly make your Chrome-look a little prettier. Whenever you open a New Tab, this add-on will display a beautiful image photographed by a satellite.

The photo shown is chosen at random: there are urban scenarios, canyons, beaches, and even volcanoes. When you click on the globe icon (located in the lower right corner of the screen), you will be immediately redirected to Google Maps in the region of that photo.

2) Moment

Considered one of the best apps of its kind, Momentum transforms its New Tab to such a radical level that you’ll have a hard time recognizing it.

With this plugin installed, opening a new tab in Chrome means visiting a page that displays the time, local temperature, a greeting, a to-do list, and even an inspirational quote from a famous personality.

The best thing is that all this can be configured by you (the user chooses what should or should not be displayed) and your settings are synced in your Momentum account.

3) Currently

This one is for those who like something more minimalist. With an extremely clean and elegant look, Currently displays the time, current temperature, and weather forecast for the city. The detail is that he does it in a very attractive way.

You can also customize many aspects of the add-on, including its colors, language, and the unit used to measure temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit).

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4) New Modern Tab Page

Then Modern New Tab Page is made for you. It makes Chrome’s New Tab look the same as Microsoft’s Start Screen: all minimalist and with square shortcuts.

You can reorder them, add new shortcuts (you can even select a specific image and color), and organize the page as you wish. Some of the tiles are animated and can even show an RSS feed from a site of choice.

5) Dayboard – New Tab Page

Perfect extension for those who can’t do without a to-do list to organize their tasks. When you open Dayboard for the first time, you will be asked for at least five tasks that you need to complete today.

This list will appear whenever you open a New Tab, making it possible to mark an appointment as done, delete it forever, or simply postpone it until tomorrow. It’s not the prettiest add-on in our selection, but it sure is quite useful.

6) New Dream Afar tab

Dream Afar New Tab is very reminiscent of the first plugin on our list. It presents a beautiful photograph of a day of the most beautiful places in the world – the intention is to make you feel like you are traveling without leaving home.

In addition to being beautiful, the add-on features a Google search box, displays the local time and temperature, and shows your most accessed sites in a very discreet way.

7) Card Board – New Tab Page

A plugin strongly inspired by Google Now. As with Google’s assistant, the New Tab equipped with this add-on starts to display relevant information to the user in the form of cards, having a very nice and modern interface.

In addition to displaying a list of installed apps, most visited sites, latest downloads, and recent favorite pages, the extension also offers a shortcut that allows you to delete browsing data – cache, cookies, history, etc. – in a much faster and more practical way.

8) Tab Manager Plus

Tab Manager Plus is a tool to organize Chrome’s tabs. The extension displays a panel with all active windows and their respective tabs, allowing you to close or minimize a window, name the groups of tabs and set a specific color for each of them.

Another very interesting feature is a search field through which it is possible to search by tabs. It is worth mentioning that Tab Manager Plus allows you to limit the number of tabs per window, resize the size of popups, enable night mode, and include incognito windows in the add-on’s working window.

9) Todoist

Todoist is a popular tool for organizing personal and professional life. The extension allows you to create to-do lists and organize them within different projects — shopping, work, movies to watch, etc. — identified by colors for easy organization.

It is also possible to set different priorities for activities, including tasks, add comments and send notes by email, among other features.

The “Pro” plan offers extra features like the ability to add reminders on each task. In both versions – free and paid – Todoist requires login with Facebook, Google, Apple account, or email.

10) Fair AdBlocker

This adblocker promises to block ads, pop-ups, malware, and even advertisements displayed before videos on YouTube. Fair AdBlocker also offers preference tracking done by search engines, Facebook, and email.

Once the program is downloaded, the user is directed to a settings page. To disable each of the items, just activate the key related to each of the options presented and confirm in Save settings.

If you want to change any of the choices later, just click on the extension icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There, you can configure the add-on to block pop-ups and select page elements that you don’t want to see.

During the tests performed, the ads on YouTube videos were indeed blocked, as promised. They also disappeared from browsed websites. The only exception was Google-sponsored search results, but they only appear at the top of the screen and are indicated as paid items.

11) Conversion

Who has never needed to convert a file to a different format? Convertio promises to support more than 2,500 extension types, such as PDF to JPG or MP4 to MP3. To use it, just download and click on the app icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

In the menu options like video, audio, file, presentation, and image converter are available. You can also choose fonts, documents, and e-book converters.

12) Click&Clean

Internet browsing doesn’t seem to flow well. Sites take a long time to load or do not enter at all. A possible cause of this is that the browser has a full cache memory.

To be clearer, the browser saves some website information in the cache and cookies. This data is used to expedite access next time, using already known preferences, passwords, and images.

According to Google itself, by clearing this data, it is possible to correct some errors, such as problems with loading or formatting a website. Chrome even offers the option to delete this history, but Click&Clean makes the procedure easier.

Just install, click on the program icon and choose Cache or Cookies. But that’s not all, the app is quite complete and offers other features. It is also possible to clear the browsing history and the list of downloads made, as well as choose to close the browser safely.

13) Print Friendly & PDF

Print-Friendly & PDF promises to remove all these items for printing with less ink and, of course, paper waste. Once again, just click on the extension icon after accessing the page you want to print.

It is automatically displayed in a new window containing only the main content. It is also possible to edit this material, delete images and paragraphs, as well as increase or decrease the size of the text and photos.

14) Picture-in-Picture Extension

Picture-in-Picture is an extension created by Google that allows you to watch videos and, at the same time, browse other pages. Or, if you need to, use programs other than Chrome.

The feature is perfect for those who are multitaskers and like to watch YouTube content while studying or working.

Its use is as intuitive as possible. After installing the add-on, a screen icon is created in the upper right corner of the browser. So, just go to the page of the video you want to watch, press play, and then click on the extension icon.

Soon, a smaller window will appear on the screen and will be superimposed on any other that is or is open. You can adjust the screen size by dragging the sides up, down, and sideways.


Customizing your Google homepage to make it more functional is a great choice that can optimize navigation.

However, the greater the number of extensions and features installed, the better your connection speed should be. So, search for frontier internet prices and choose a plan that suits your needs well.



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