Best over the Counter Medicine for Stomach Pain Treatment

Originally posted on February 12, 2022 @ 11:58 am

Stomach pain is the cause of sudden discomfort and, sometimes difficulty. Sometimes, it’s only for a short period, but occasionally, it lasts for a longer time. It is essential to take medications to relieve stomach pain to get rid of discomfort and itchiness. Before taking the medication fast you should know the cause of the stomach pain. If you’re interested in learning the reasons, signs and the most effective ways for stomach pain, make sure you’re up to date with the latest news!

Normal Causes of Stomach Pain

  • The majority of the times digestive issues are the main reason for stomach pain.
  • For women, it is associated with the menstrual cycle aswell in labor (pregnancy).
  • There are also infections, inflammations and organ malfunctions to blame for various kinds of stomach discomfort.

Stomach Pain Due to Digestive Issues

There is a way to describe the following digestive issues that can lead to stomach pain.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

We have defined GRED to be the reverse track to stomach acid (HCl) inside the tube of food (elementary canal).


Alongside discomfort, GERD is usually accompanied by other symptoms severe which may include:

  • Emesis, nausea or vomiting
  • Acidity
  • Coughing and difficulty breathing
  • Chest burning
  • The throat is hurting


Regional Therapy (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer)

  • Consume healthy and nutritious food at the appropriate time.
  • Take your food in a healthy way and do not lay in bed after eating. You should do this for a duration that is between two and three hours.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods or smoke. Also, avoid alcoholism.

Dietotherapy (Ilaj bil Ghiza)

  • Use antacids. Baking soda is a fantastic natural anti-cause because of its alkaline nature. However, prolonged use can cause coronary heart diseases because of alkalosis.
  • Drink herbal tea for stimulating digestion. Tea can be made with ginger, licorice and ginger along with marshmallow as well as slippery elm, cinnamon and. Be sure to take an appropriate amount of each ingredient and simmer the tea for at minimum 20 minutes. You can add honey to suit your taste. You can use jaggery and sugar (Gur) to sweetener agent.


Stomach discomfort is caused due to constipation, which causes the belly to become stiff. There is a difficulty in the movement in your bowels.


There are a variety of regimental and diet-based treatments and remedies to treat stomach discomfort due to constipation. Diuretics as well stool softeners, anti-acids, and antidepressants in some situations could be used as a treatment. But, taking preventive measures can aid in the elimination of the cause of stomach pain and constipation. These preventive measures include:

  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Be more active.
  • If you are noticing that you’re having stool movement, do not ignore these. Make sure to move the stool.
  • Include more fiber in your diet.

A female’s body is susceptible to stomach pain

Menstrual cycle

Every woman experiences menstrual cramps, at least once per month. Menstrual cycles start with pain, the cramp can be experienced in the lower middle abdomen as well as around the sides of stomach. The discomfort usually begins prior to either the second or third days of the actual menstrual period and it can be difficult for women with certain types of menstrual cycles due to the weakness of the flow of blood.


Relaxing your legs upwards (fetal position) is the best way to relieve yourself of stomach cramps that occur during menstrual cycles. The last resort is a painkiller. Alternative Use a heating pad to take tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Don’t drink cold water during your period.

Pregnancy period

Pregnant women experience abdominal discomfort as well as stomach pains during their period of gestation. These types of pains are not unusual and usually begin around 12 weeks after the conception.


You can lay down until you are at ease. Do not rush through your daily tasks. Make time for yourself and do everything in a systematic way. Eat a healthy diet. Bathing in hot water can be beneficial. If you’re experiencing severe pain, check with your gynecologist or midwife.

Stomach pain that is the result of organ dysfunction


It is a small extension of that is the large intestine, which is situated on one side of the. It can cause abdominal pain when it is damaged by any cause. The reason for constipation is inflammation in many situations.


The last option for appendix removal is elimination of the appendix. If you’re aware of an appendix inflammation, even if it is at its earliest stage, it is possible to remain clear of surgery. Use two teaspoons of gram seeds mashed into water three times an each day. Consume ginseng tea and beware of the causes that can cause constipation.

Kidney stone

Typically, you feel discomfort on your lower back due to kidney stones. However, it could cause stomach pain in certain occasions, in addition to other manifestations of digestive problems.


Drinking plenty of water regularly. Don’t be lazy with your bladder. You must urinate every time you are prompted to go to the bathroom. Kidney bean broth and the apple cider vinegar and the pomegranate are alternative natural remedies that can be used to treat stomach pain relief.


Stomach pain could be caused by a variety of reasons. It is important to determine the cause of the problem and the source of stomach pain before we can treat it. Then, select the right treatment for stomach pain.

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