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Originally posted on February 2, 2022 @ 12:18 pm

The Compact Cloakroom suite is becoming increasingly popular in modern households. They provide a better solution for bathroom needs for people other than your family. If you are a social person who has friends or colleagues over from time to time, you really need to have a cloakroom suite in your future home at  34 Berry Apartments Brooklyn NY 11249

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What is a Compact Cloakroom Suite?

A cloakroom suite is a bathroom designed with all basic commodities of a standard bathroom, such as a toilet and basin or vanity, excluding a shower or bathtub. The suite is normally on the ground floor of the house with the purpose of providing easy access to guests and elderly individuals who cannot access your main bathroom upstairs.

Adding a standard cloakroom suite to your home is not demanding. However, if you want it to be aesthetically pleasing with all contemporary fixtures, it can be pretty challenging. Being created in a congested space required you to make use of every inch you can get. 

From choosing the type of basin or a toiled to deciding if you should add a storage space too, each aspect needs to be carefully planned and pondered upon. This guide is geared towards those who are eager to design a stylish and fully operational cloakroom themselves.

Where You Need Compact Cloakroom Suite?

The need for a compact cloakroom suite comes from the space-saving requirements for a small size bathroom. As you already know that most bathrooms in the UK have limited size. That means you cannot fit a standard size fixture. So, you need something that can save space and fit well into the small spaces. The compact fixtures are an answer to this problem. These fixtures are the same as the standard fittings but with clever space-saving features. Manufacturers have made an effort to cut down every possible inch from their size so you can adjust them in your cloakrooms. 

Here is why you need these fixtures.

  • Save Space. The first reason why you will need compact units is that you want to save space in the bathroom. And want something that can fit perfectly into the limited space like cloakrooms. 
  • Bathroom Suites. For most people, finding all fixtures suitable for the cloakroom can be a lot of hassle and time-consuming. Getting one fixture from one retailer and another one from anyone else can be a tough job. The bathroom suites combine all fixtures that have the same size and range into a single package. So, you don’t save time and hassle from finding all fixtures in one package. But also can save money from it. 

How to Design a Compact Cloakroom Suite of Your Dreams?

Irrespective of the number of private or family bathrooms you have in your home, there is always room for a cloakroom bathroom suite. Just make sure you keep the following points in mind when creating your compact cloakroom suite.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

Space under the stairs often remains unused in most households, making it ideal for a cloakroom suite. At a glance, the space might seem a little too congested, but if you make the best use of every nook and cranny, you will make a fully functional cloakroom out of it.  

Complete the Theme

Determining the theme of your cloakroom is much necessary. All the fixtures and items you will install in the room will depend on the theme you are going. If not paid much attention to, it will be like a fish out of water. Therefore, take as much time as you want to complete the theme.

Choose Compact Furniture

When you are selecting fixtures and furnishing for your cloakroom, make sure it is compact and congested that can fit neatly in the room. It required you to make the best use of space available; you can’t choose something that is floppy and unnecessarily big. 

Use Multi-purpose Fixtures

Multi-purpose fixtures play an important role in small and congested places like cloakroom suites. For instance, you can go with a toilet and basin combination unit. You can get a vanity unit toilet suite in case the space is pretty tight.

Final Words

A cloakroom suite serves as highly useful. But can also provide you with better returns if you plan to sell your house in the future. Stick to the points explained in the article and create a cloakroom bathroom suite you not only need but desire to have. 

Are You Looking for Compact Cloakroom Suite?

In this article, we have explained the benefits and purpose of installing a compact cloakroom suite. You can enjoy significant benefits like space-saving, lower costs and a hassle-free experience by getting them for your bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at reasonable prices. You can visit our website to get the latest deals for your bathroom. Good Day!

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