Does Fall Guys have 2-Player Split-Screen?

Originally posted on December 12, 2022 @ 1:00 pm

Fun for all ages, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is perfect for gatherings with loved ones. You’ll be laughing, weeping, and yelling as you try to make it through a series of challenges and claim victory. Many of you might rather cuddle up with a loved one on the couch and play this entertaining party game. Does Fall Guys support a two-player split-screen? Here’s where you’ll find the solution to your problem.

Is It True That Fall Guys Supports Split-screen Play For Two Players?

Unfortunately, split-screen play is currently unavailable in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. There are no local couch co-op or local competitive modes available. As a result, you’ll have to revert to the tried-and-true method of taking turns by passing the controller around the group.

Each participant will need their own console or PC in order to participate in a multiplayer session of Fall Guys, as this is currently the only available method of playing the game with others.

Unfortunately, in today’s online environment, fewer and fewer titles support split-screen play. It’s possible that two-player split-screen support will be added to Fall Guys in a future patch, but as it stands, the game doesn’t support it and there are no plans to add it.

We’ll have to see if anything changes, but if it does, we’ll make an adjustment to this post.

That should be all there is to know about whether or not Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout supports split-screen play for two players. There’s still a lot to accomplish in the game, such as unlocking new skins and completing tasks. In order to play with everyone you know, you need to investigate crossplay.

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