Top 10 Facebook Content Types That Drive Optimum Engagement

Originally posted on August 12, 2022 @ 2:14 pm

Facebook is a great place for brand building. However, your efforts to gain popularity and credibility for your brand depend on the content type you post on your Facebook page.

Compelling and immersive content triggers excitement among viewers and inspires them to explore more. In this process, the engagement quotient of your brand with targeted audiences increases. This may set you thinking about the content types that optimally resonate with audiences.

This post will offer you insights into such focused content that can potentially keep social users glued to your Facebook page.

Driving Engagement with Tantalizing Content

In 2018, Facebook implemented a novel news feed algorithm that prioritizes the display of posts with a high engagement index on the news feed of subscribers.

So, if you want to stay relevant, you need to work hard on posts that capture the attention of users. Simply opening up the mouth of your wallet for paid promotion won’t help your brand’s visibility.

What kind of content should you focus on? You can learn about ten proven ways of qualitative expression that are bound to grab appreciative eyeballs.

Humour Injected Content

Humour Injected Content

If your post succeeds in tickling viewers’ funny bones, it will make them sit at the edge, waiting for the next one. Entertainment has a definitive edge over bland promotional content with a distractive sales pitch. Memes are fun to watch.

Try to brush aside professionalism for a moment to strike the right chord with leads. Mesmerize viewers with fun images, and witty texts blended seamlessly. Let people laugh heartily while you make merry.

‘Caption This’ Post

One of the basic human instincts is to get the ego pampered. This gets accomplished when others appreciate the superior skill of the person. You can capitalize on this with a ‘Caption This’ Facebook post. Post a visual with something strikingly odd and ask the post visitors to caption it.

‘Caption This’ Post

In the bid to become popular and get praised, social users would compete with others to creatively caption the visual. As individual interpretations increasingly flow in, replies and comments from users would become commonplace. Engagement would be at its peak.

‘Fill in The Blank’ Post

‘Fill in The Blank’ Post
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If you want to compel your social fans to respond to a post intuitively, you need to publish a ‘Fill in the blank’ post. This interactive content will make fans advocate for your brand and recommend your product or services.

A typical example is ‘The first thing I brought at XX is _________.’ Answers would pour in a continuous stream.

You can combine your product promo with this content and trigger a ‘remark’ fest that will offer you unalloyed insights into what people admire or dislike about your brand. You will get to know what excites fans and can accordingly tweak your offering.

Cool Video Content

On Facebook, videos succeed in generating ‘shares’ 1200% better than images and witty text combined. Immersive native and live streamed videos can engage users at an astounding pace.

You will need a good Facebook video editor to start making short video clips that make viewers wonder about your creative ability. Pack a punch in each video with something odd and fascinating.

Optimize on the features of Facebook Video Editor to render the content flawless and spellbinding.

Cool Video Content

Incidentally, social users also prefer joining live streams to connect with the content creator. You can organize such content sessions occasionally for transparent communication with fans and to develop a long-term relationship with them.

Inspirational Content

Everyone feels low at some point in time. Content that can uplift mood and make one realize life’s worth finds quick resonance among social users.

You can become popular by posting quotes, images, visuals, or motivational speech fragments that can inspire and empower.

Display quotes on relevant images. Keep the background and atmospherics mild; else, it can distract. The quotes should be related to your brand’s work. Such simple content that can impact others’ psyche can drive engagement quickly.

Content Generated by Users

If you want to make your page an instant hit with followers and win their long-term loyalty, consider posting the content created by users occasionally. You can also ask users to develop content for your page and may reward them by organizing contests.

Content can be in the form of quirky videos, unconventional images, funny texts, etc. You may suggest to users a good software to edit Facebook videos prior to uploading.

Such content multiplies engagement rate, saves time and energy, makes brand-relevant material more shareable, and consolidates your professional relationship with fans.

Deliberately Asking For ‘Like’ Content

Looking for something? When you land on the Facebook fan page of a relevant brand, the visual offering should give a clue to end your search conclusively. This will bring forth a ‘Like’ from visitors even if the page literally commands them to like.

You can build the right atmospherics around your Facebook content with images of the product delightfully accentuated by visually appealing colors, cool graphics, and captivating shots that are simply seductive.

A/B test will help you assess the correct way to develop such content for posting.

Your thought process should be in sync with the expectations and requirements of visitors. This way, you can engage visitors and prompt them to ‘Like’ and comment on your post if the content serves their purpose.

Short and Simple Questions’ Type Content

Popular brands have succeeded in capturing the attention of their Facebook page viewers’ by asking simple, short, and engaging questions related to particular themes. Wit and creatively need to complement such questions. Capitalize on topics that make people sit back and focus.

You will find that sooner than later that comments will inundate your post. To drive engagement better, try to take part in the discussion and post personalized replies to queries of visitors.

Step up your brand’s humane side, be patient, and soon your page will see optimum engagement.

Brand Advocates’ Published Content

The Facebook algorithm restricts the number of brand-posted content visible on users’ feeds. This brings down your organic reach. But you can get around this by making influencers, and your employees spread the word about your brand.

Get in touch with influencers who command a big fan following on Facebook and talk about products that bear a resemblance to the ones you offer. Request them to post curated content of your brand on their page.

You may also put your employees into the shoes of your brand’s advocate. Suggest text and content that they can post through their personal pages. Reward those employees whose shared content gets optimum likes and subscribers.

Giveaway Content

One assured way to put your Facebook page’s engagement in top gear is to publish ‘giveaway’ content. The temptation it will kick up in visitors’ minds will make your post flooded with comments and likes incredibly faster. Hoping to win something, every visitor would leave back comment

Giveaway Content

You decide the rules of the game in giveaway content. So, you can ask for comments and likes from visitors without anything holding you back.


Keeping your targeted audiences engaged on Facebook is a prerequisite for the success of your brand. Relevant content discussed above will help you secure visibility, popularity, and credibility at a really good pace, provided you respect the preferences and expectations of viewers.

All content should be accompanied by a call-to-action (CTA) so that you can monetize on the engagement quotient. For texts, follow the rules of copywriting and take care of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Make posts interesting with visually enticing and optimized images, videos, and other such immersive content. You may rely on the features of a good editor tool for optimum results for video-driven content.

The posts must be realistic and relatable. Creating engaging posts can become really easy if you apply creativity and factor in the choices of your targeted leads.


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