Effortless Strength Training With Oxandrolone

Originally posted on July 17, 2022 @ 10:12 pm

Oxandrolone is a unique product from the leading company Balkan Pharmaceuticals.  This is a great way to improve your strength without putting on too much weight.  This wonderful drug is produced in Moldova.  The product consists of tablets containing approximately ten milligrams of the active ingredient.  One package contains one hundred tablets.  The drug first appeared in America in the mid-1960s.  Oxandrolone is popular due to its high anabolic index and low androgenic activity.  Suitable for use by both professionals and beginners who strive to fulfill their dreams of a beautiful pumped body.  This is evidenced by numerous positive reviews left by satisfied customers.  You can buy oxandrolone price at a pharmacy in our online sports pharmacy store.

Important Product Properties

Effortless Strength Training With Oxandrolone

  • increases muscle strength;
  • does not accumulate in estrogens;
  • has a fat-burning effect;
  • does not harm the liver;
  • Increases muscle firmness;
  • Muscle definition improves;
  • Increasing the level of somatropin (growth hormone).

Oxandrolone Course Recommended

 In order to get the maximum effect from taking the drug and as soon as possible, Oxandrolone should be taken in a daily dose of fifty to one hundred and fifty milligrams (five to fifteen tablets a day).  It is permissible to divide the dose into several doses throughout the day.  Sometimes, for more precise dosing, attention must be paid to the physical personality of the “athlete”.  It should also be remembered that Oxandrolone alone will not allow you to quickly gain muscle mass, and a combination of these methods should be used to achieve this goal.  During rest breaks between drug courses, muscle mass does not lose its properties, but for this effect, the dose of the drug should be approximately thirty to forty milligrams per day (three to four tablets).  In addition, it should be noted that in order to obtain a high-quality and quick result, you should not skip taking pills – it should be strictly every day.  The online store offers high-quality sports pharmaceuticals at the best price.

When taking Oxandrolone to burn unnecessary fat in combination with, for example, Clenbuterol, it is important to make the preparations at the same time and strictly three times a day.

Due to the reduced androgenic activity, girls can also take this product.  The price of Oxandrolone is also worth paying attention to: it is very affordable.

As for post-course therapy, it is not necessary if the drug is taken solo.  In the case of combined use (taking several drugs at the same time), a standard course of tamoxifen or Clomid is required.


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