Fidel Lopez Crime Scene Photos – The Story Behind Gruesome Murder

Originally posted on December 23, 2022 @ 12:38 pm

Maria Nemeth was brutally killed by Fidel Lopez. Her murder is regarded as among the most horrifying killings. Finding Fidel Lopez’s crime scene images piques people’s interest.

This article will go into every aspect of the murder, including the images taken at the site and his arrest.

Let’s go on to learn what transpired between the former couple.

The Rough S*x That Lead To Outrage

Fidel Lopez and Maria Nemeth were toasting their first week of living together.

She and her lover shared an apartment, which was managed by Maria Nemeth. The couple made a table out of cardboard boxes because they were still outfitting the apartment.

During the cocktails, things took a romantic turn, and the couple was engaged in sexual activity the very next moment.

During their hard sex, Maria is said to have used her ex’s name twice, which infuriated Fidel.

Lopez admitted that he became irritated and confused.

He asserted that he lost control after consuming tequila, breaking a sliding glass door, punching holes in the wall, and ripping a wardrobe door off its hinges.

He returned to Maria, age 31, who was unconscious and being attacked with various objects, including beer bottles, according to a police report.

He allegedly used his hands to hurt her gut, according to the police report. When the police arrived, he was crying for help next to her naked body.

The video exposed the crime scene.

A horrific has revealed the crime scene where Fidel Lopez mutilated his lover Maria Nameth after she shrieked an ex-name boyfriend’s during sex.

The video displayed The residence in Sunrise, Florida where Fidel Lopez claimed to have slain Maria Nemeth was covered with blood.

This may be seen in a video that crime scene investigators captured.

The closet, where the two is claimed to have been having s*x before she was killed, appears to have the most blood.

Other film shots include an open tequila bottle, sliced limes, a damaged sliding glass door, and a hole in the wall.

The closet contained body tissue, and there was a lot of blood on the walls and floor.

The walls were damaged and the sliding glass door was broken, indicating a battle. It became clear that a murder had taken place in the Sunrise apartment.

The Lopez Arrest

When Lopez was first brought in for questioning, he gave the lie that her girlfriend Maria was ill.

He asserted that Nemeth had problems breathing when he called 911 after the two had binge-drunk tequila and had sex.

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they thought it was an error made during a failed abortion attempt.

When they found Maria Nemeth’s body in the restroom, Lopez was sitting next to her and sobbing.

He is being looked at by the police. He finally confessed to having yanked Nemeth’s guts out in a fit of jealousy.

He also acknowledged that he had pulled Nemeth’s plan in a jealous rage.

According to the authorities, Lopez admitted to becoming a monster, trashing the apartment, and then killing Nemeth.

In order to avoid the death penalty, Fidel Lopez pleaded guilty to counts of murder and sexual assault. He was given a life sentence in Florida.


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