How To Fix Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working? (Updated 2023)

Originally posted on September 8, 2022 @ 2:20 pm

Clownfish is widely recognized as among the best voice-changing programs available. Unfortunately, similar to other programs, Clownfish has had a few claims of malfunction. The most common complaint we hear from customers is that the Clownfish voice changer doesn’t work. Clownfish has earned a stellar reputation because of its superior speech translator. Its stellar reputation has earned comparisons to other top-tier platforms like Skype and Discord.

Despite this notoriety, issues such as the Clownfish voice changer not working persist. Many users are perplexed by this issue. Due to this issue, communication is severely hampered.

Reasons for Clownfish Not Changing Voice:

There can be a variety of causes for a Clownfish’s inability to modulate its voice. These are, then, the main causes of these issues.

1. Incompatibility with Discord and Skype

This issue exists, in part, because the clownfish voice changer is not compatible with the Discord or Skype applications. It’s common for them to disagree and cause friction with the Clownfish when they’re not compatible. Thus, Clownfish are indirectly impacted. Early on, you may notice a few hiccups in the system. Then, after some time has passed, users begin to notice that their Clownfish voice changer is malfunctioning.

2. Unsynced Microphone

The unsynchronized microphone is a contributing factor to Clownfish’s inability to change its voice. This is a simple yet crucial explanation. We often jump to more complex solutions after failing to address the underlying cause of an issue. The sync feature was inadvertently disabled, which causes this issue. There was a period when the microphone wasn’t in sync.

Now that we know why your “Clownfish voice changer” isn’t working, we can look at potential solutions.

Remarkable Methods to Fix “Clownfish Not Working” Issue:

Let’s have a look at some potential approaches to fixing “Clownfish not working.”

Clownfish Equipped with Microphones

Realize the Clownfish and the microphone are out of sync. So, then, let’s have a look at how you might address this issue:

  1. Please launch Clownfish as a first step. Afterward, right-click the icon in question. The next step is to select “Setup.”
  2. Now you can see there is a large selection of voice-modification modules available. The next step is to select a function and then click the Install button. After the microphone driver has been installed, you will need to restart the computer. See if the “clownfish not changing voice” issue still exists.

If the issue persists after installation, however, you can remove it and reinstall it.

Get rid of the problem of “Clownfish not operating on Discord.”

An incompatible version of Clownfish or Discord may be to blame for the “Clownfish not working discord” error. For this reason, there will be a dispute between the Clownfish and the Discord. Hence, the problem will show itself. However, the Clownfish is the source of the issue here. In order to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of Clownfish, you can compare the version number. Doing so will tell you whether you have an old version or the most recent one.

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