[Top 17 Tested & Verified] Free PayTM Cash Apps 2022

Originally posted on August 25, 2022 @ 2:03 pm

In this post, I’ll go through some of the best ways to make money with Paytm apps in 2022. In my opinion, these are the best ways to make money using Paytm apps.

Numerous individuals have found success using these apps to earn money using Paytm. I’ve used such apps to rack up a considerable sum of free Paytm cash. These are the best Paytm apps that can help you make money. Thus, let’s delve deeper into the topic of the top Paytm money-making apps.

#1 WinZo App – Get Rs. 50 on Install

WinZo App

You may play a wide selection of fun games, compete with other users, and win real money all within the popular Winzo App. Over 1.2 million people use the app that is managed by TicTok Skill Games Private Limited. Since its inception in 2016, Winzo has awarded more than 200 crores to its users as prizes. Winzo is not only entirely legitimate but also genuine.


  • Gain 300–1500 yen by participating in online gaming.
  • You can easily make $5 to $15 each day by solving puzzles.
  • If you play fantasy cricket, you have the chance to win 354,734 dollars.


  • Register for the first time and receive 50 (Fifty).
  • It’s possible to earn as much as $10 in Paytm cash simply by referring your friends.

Download WinZo App

#2 EWar Games App

EWar Games App

E-War Games supports multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and others. Players can get some experience for free before wagering real money.

Enter competitions, tournaments, and challenges to begin gaining experience and combat points. You’ll be able to exchange your hard-earned fight points for exciting prizes.

If you want to talk to other players while you play, you can watch streams of other players or the best players in the world.


  • Money can be withdrawn from other accounts and deposited into your Paytm wallet.
  • We have over 25 games for you to choose from.


  • Refer five friends and receive $500.

Download EWar Games App

#3 CashNGifts App

CashNGifts App

You can get rewards from CashNGifts by completing tasks and completing other activities on their website and mobile app. The accumulated points can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to: phone bill payments, internet purchases, and the purchase of gift cards and cash.

CashNGifts is accessible via web browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices alike, with an Android app also available.


  • To earn 200 points, you must play two hundred games.
  • By spinning the wheel, you could win a hundred points.
  • Gain 75 points by correctly answering the math questions.


  • You can accumulate prizes by watching advertisements on a daily basis.
  • Invite your friends and get 10,000 per month.

Download CashNGifts App

#4 WinGo Quiz App

WinGo Quiz App

The Money-Making App, Wingo. If you’re looking for a legitimate and reliable app to help you make money, this is it. Are you interested in verifying my claims about how easy it is to generate income? With a mobile phone and 100% cash withdrawal, you can work whenever and wherever you like.


  • Spin the wheel and you may win up to $10!
  • Get paid for doing simple tasks every day.
  • You can test your knowledge on a wide range of topics, from cricket to Bollywood.


  • Get ₹100 by referring a friend
  • For earning coins and money draw luck cards.

Download WinGo Quiz App

#5 Task Bucks App

Task Bucks App

If you want to learn new things while making money, this app is the best paytm earning app for you. Using Task Bucks, you can do tasks like completing a quiz and doing household chores in exchange for Paytm money. Whenever you win, you’ll be rewarded with coins.


  • Play games and win Paytm money.
  • Taking part in a quiz is an easy way to earn some extra cash.
  • Every day, you can earn between Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 in Paytm cash by doing simple tasks.


  • Watch the ads.
  • Earn ₹25 by inviting your friends.
  • Earn ₹15 by using digital services.

Download Task Bucks App

#6 Qureka App

Qureka App

Identical to the popular loco app is the Qureka app. Live trivia is a real-time competition where the winners are determined by who answers the most questions correctly. All you have to do to win is play and submit correct answers; the money will be put into your Paytm account instantaneously.

The most outstanding feature of this app is that it rewards you with fifty percent of the profits made by each user you refer who ultimately becomes successful. If a friend registers under you and then wins something in the game, you will get half of their winnings.

Now that you’ve suggested as many people as possible and forced them to sign up for Qureka, you can sit back and enjoy yourself.


  • To the winner of a quiz, a prize of 10,000 yen has been offered.
  • Watching videos will get you 10 coins.


  • Win cash by referring friends.
  • Get 10 coins by verifying the email id.

Download Qureka App

#7 Futwork App

Futwork App

Futwork is the most widely used website in India for finding telesales tasks that can be done remotely. If you’re interested in telemarketing as a career, Futwork could help you locate the ideal work-from-home position and provide the necessary training. Gain experience at some of India’s most innovative companies. Careers in customer service, sales, and market research, among others, can be explored from the convenience of home.


  • You will get certificates as well as paytm money.
  • Earn 1000 – 2000 by completing daily projects.


  • Get rewards by inviting your friends.

Download Futwork App

#8 Player App

Player App

The Indian Music Player app is the only one of its kind in India, allowing users to make money while listening to their favorite songs, playing games within the app for paytm cash, and performing other tasks. There is a plethora of apps in India that can help you make money.


  • You can earn more than 5,000 coins by completing short surveys.
  • Free daily quiz with prizes.
  • As a result, couponing will become an easy way to make money for you.


  • If you play every day, you’ll unlock daily bonuses.
  • Receive compensation for seeing advertisements.
  • Invite your friends and earn 1.5 million coins.

Download Player App

#9 CashBite App

CashBite App

CashBite is the top app for making money as well as providing fun and current events. You can get money in a variety of ways, including signing up, taking part in live trivia quizzes, inviting friends, playing games, and using the app on a daily basis.

This Money Making App gives you Rs.2 when you sign up. Playing the game also gives you a chance to win free Paytm money. There are many people that use the software Cash Bite to make money online.


  • You can get between Rs. 100 and Rs. 200 in Paytm cash just by completing daily deals.
  • It’s simple to get benefits by taking part in a quiz.


  • The opportunity to gain rewards occurs every day.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask around amongst your pals.

Download CashBite App

#10 Intermiles App

Intermiles App

InterMiles is a loyalty, travel, and lifestyle rewards programme that gives you points for doing things you already do, like making purchases, eating out, filling up your gas tank, using our co-branded debit/credit cards, and travelling. Start earning Miles in surprising ways the moment you download the app.


  • Simply by rotating the wheel, you can quickly amass coins.
  • Coins can be exchanged for gift certificates good at retailers like Flipkart and Amazon.


  • Earn 50 miles by playing a quiz.
  • For per 1000 steps you can easily earn coins.
  • When you spend 100 on Flipkart then you will earn 2 miles.

Download Intermiles App

#11 Zupee Gold App

Zupee Gold App

With Zupee, you may win cash prizes in a live trivia competition. You compete against other real-time gamers for cash prizes by answering questions correctly and quickly. That settles the matter, period. Pick from a number of competitions.

It’s only polite to respond to basic enquiries. The stakes are high, and actual cash is at stake. Pick a competition, and your correct answers might win you cash prizes. If you have a higher score, you will be able to provide the correct answer more quickly.


  • By signing up for tournaments, you can win up to 2000–3000 in Paytm cash.
  • Daily quizzes are accessible.


  • You can earn 10 by inviting your friends.

Download Zupee Gold App

#12 Paybox App

Paybox App

When you use Paybox, you have the chance to earn points at a wide range of exciting and well-known retailers. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll get points. Depending on how many points you earn, you can redeem for a variety of different products from different brands.

If you prefer to save your prizes for later use, you can do so (rewards stay valid in your app, with no expiry date).


  • Creating your own polls will earn you 20 in Paytm currency.
  • Play casino games and come out a winner.


  • As a joining bonus earn ₹50

Download Paybox App

#13 Plaisa Pro App

Plaisa Pro App

Users can enjoy stunning images and engaging games on the app. Games like Carrom and Rummy may be found in the Plaisa Pro app. You might potentially win a significant sum of money by playing and winning games on the Plaisa app. Individuals earn money by joining Plaisa Pro and subsequently introducing their friends to the platform.

Users can earn Rs.40 for every download made through their referral code or link while promoting the Plaisa Pro app to their friends and family.


  • By referring ten friends, you can earn ₹400.
  • Rs10 is the minimum withdrawal.
  • Win ₹15 – 40 by playing games.


  • As a signup bonus you will get ₹52.

Download Plaisa Pro App

#14 InterVideos App

InterVideos App

You can get the InterVideos and paytm cash apps by clicking on the links provided.
A quick and easy way to get paid for doing nothing! Signing in, viewing videos, playing games, inviting friends, performing interesting and interactive quizzes, and using the app regularly can all earn you more money than you might think possible.


  • Paytm offers a daily video viewing bonus that may be converted into free cash.
  • Recruit as many friends as you can to earn up to $100.
  • To earn coins, you must complete daily tasks.


  • Put some spins in and see if you can win some Paytm cash.
  • By logging in with your Facebook account, you can receive a bonus.
  • Get rich quick by cracking open the treasure chest.

Download InterVideos App

#15 Hyper Ball Brick App

Hyper Ball Brick App

The classic brick game Hyper Ball Brick is one of the best there is. You can tap the screen to fire your physics balls and destroy the blocks. Yet, you must shatter as many bricks as humanly possible to unlock the next level and get your surprise reward.


  • You will receive 10 after you complete the level.
  • Profits can be easily multiplied by four just by watching videos.
  • To withdraw as little as $500 is a breeze.
  • Scratch cards can earn you anything from 10 to 50 in Paytm cash.


  • You will receive ₹100 as a signup bonus.
  • Earn ₹1 and ₹2 Paytm cash daily by watching videos.
  • Earn ₹2 – ₹40 paytm cash as a daily check in rewards.

Download Hyper Ball Brick App

#16 Moneybhai App

Moneybhai App

It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, Money Bhai gives you the chance to win cash. Moneybhai is a convenient way to make some extra paytm money on the go. Coins can be transferred to your Paytm wallet with this. It’s dead simple to implement, and lots of people have already seen positive results.


  • Read the news and get paid via Paytm.
  • Videos can be watched in exchange for Paytm money.


  • You need to check every day if you want to get the bonus points.
  • Simply inviting your friends to download the Moneybhai app, you will receive 20.

Download Moneybhai App

#17 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Rewards for Giving Opinions on Google Take Surveys and Get Paid
GO Rewards, or Google’s Opinion Rewards, is an incentive programme developed by Google themselves. Initially released as a Google-made survey app for Android and iOS, it has since undergone several iterations. The app’s users have the chance to earn incentives for completing surveys.


  • When you use Paybox to make purchases, you may be eligible to earn points at a wide range of exciting and well-known establishments. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll get points.
  • You can choose to cash in your rewards immediately or put them away for a later time.

Download Google Opinion Rewards App


That wraps up the best 17 apps for making money on Paytm, I hope. All of your questions about Paytm earning apps should be answered after reading the aforementioned details about 17 Paytm Earning Apps That Can Pay You 300 Paytm Cash Daily. You should read this material carefully so you can fully grasp it.

I compiled this list of the best Paytm games that pay out in cash and hope you enjoy them. This list of Paytm cash games is not ranked from best to worst. Feel free to try out whichever game piques your interest.

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