Is Gogoanime Down? Solutions To Fix and Its Alternatives

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You plan on using Gogoanime, as per usual, to watch your favorite anime series. The Gogoanime website is currently down due to technical difficulties. Have you been unable to access Gogoanime? Troubleshooting Gogoanime’s malfunctioning service. Follow these steps to see what’s wrong with Gogoanime and how to fix it.

What is Gogoanime?

The Gogoanime website provides a place to view anime for free. Japanese animation is called anime. The original language of these anime is Japanese, however, both English subtitles and dubs are readily available for download.

Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Shoujo Ramone, and a plethora of other notable anime series are all available there. The show attracts fans of virtually every age group. As a result of the genre, anime has a particularly strong hold on the hearts of young people.

Is Gogoanime Down?

Many people regard Gogoanime as the best place to watch recent and classic anime episodes without having to pay a dime. It maintains an extensive library of anime episodes and films and refreshes content often. There will always be ups and downs for free anime sites like Gogoanime due to copyright difficulties or their own tinkering. Many will question if Gogoanime is down if they are unable to access the site. A straightforward “Website up or down” checker can be used to determine whether or not a site is currently accessible.
Here are some popular options:

According to our checks using a battery of widely used tools, the genuine Gogoanime site is currently available. You should look elsewhere for the problem if you can’t access Gogoanime. Consequently, we will elaborate on several alternate routes you can use to fix Gogoanime issues below.

Some Common Solutions to Gogoanime Not Working

1. Be patient while website maintenance is completed

Regular maintenance is something that many websites do. Based on recent occurrences, if Gogoanime is down for everyone, it is likely under maintenance and will be back online after a short period of time. It’s possible to visit alternative anime streaming sites during the break.

2. Change to a different server

Each episode of Gogoanime can be seen from a unique server. Since certain servers may become inaccessible, switching to a different server may be necessary if you are unable to load a particular episode.

3. Refresh your web browser

If you have page crashes when using Gogoanime, try closing and reopening your browser before visiting the site.

4. Change to a different browser

If you’re having trouble using Gogoanime, switching to a different browser is a smart option. If the website functions well in another browser, the issue is likely attributable to your browser.

5. Delete the cookies and history from your browser

Clearing the browser’s cache and cookies is the go-to fix if the issue is browser-related. Changing this requires accessing the browser’s preferences. To clear surfing history in Google Chrome, click the menu button (three dots), then pick Settings, then Privacy and security, and finally, Clear browsing data.

6. Flush DNS server cache

IP and DNS data is stored in a cache by nearly every computer system. By default, your computer will save DNS entries that tell your browser how to reach a website when you visit it for the first time. In subsequent site visits, the browser will use the locally cached DNS data to speed up page loads. The 404 error message would appear if the website has recently deleted its servers but the local DNS information had not been updated. You can immediately fix this by clearing your computer’s DNS server cache.

Start by searching for “cdm” to open the computer’s search bar, then launch the Commend Prompt software, and then input “ipconfig/flushdns” into the prompt.

7. Ensure a good & stable Internet connection

When your Internet connection is slow or erratic, you may experience video lag, stuttering, or freezing. To see if your internet connection is stable, try watching videos on other websites. Your first line of defence if none of your favourite sites are loading is to reboot your computer’s network interface. If you want to watch anime on Gogoanime, you’ll need a fast internet connection.

8. Disable ad blocker or other interfering add-ons

In addition, some browser add-ons, notably ad blockers, can prevent pages from loading properly when you visit a website. Disabling these dubious add-ons one by one and then refreshing the Gogoanime website should fix this particular Gogoanime not working problem.

9. Use an Alternative to Gogoanime

The issue with Gogoanime not loading still persists. Using services similar to Gogoanime is a reasonable compromise. As Gogoanime’s popularity has shown, other similar websites have sprung up.

Best alternatives of GogoAnime

There is a website where people may go to see cartoons and other animated films without having to pay for anything. There are a lot of other websites much like this one on the web. The following are some alternatives to GogoAnime that you may use to watch anime online.

#1. KissAnime


Like Gogo anime, Kiss Anime is one of the most visited sites among fans of Japanese animation. Subtitled and dubbed videos in English are available in high definition for free on this site.

Registering with the site will also allow you to view anime without interruptions. Regardless of the device, you’re using, kissanime’s user experience is simple to navigate. This alternate kiss anime website is excellent.

Using the site’s navigation bar, you may find both the most recently uploaded episodes and the currently popular anime. In addition, the scheduling feature is useful for keeping track of when new episodes of a show will be released.

#2. Hulu


Hulu is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content, including foreign-language films, anime, and Hollywood and Bollywood productions.

One of the best online streaming services, this one caters to a global audience

Thirdly, there’s a website called 9Anime that has every single anime series ever made organised and easy to find. The anime series can also be downloaded and watched at a later time.

In addition to anime, 9anime provides free access to an abundance of movies and television shows.

#3. 9anime


Because most anime are originally developed in Japanese, you will need to find dubbed or subbed versions in order to watch them. Because of this, 9anime is able to provide its consumers with a wide variety of subtitle and dubbed material alternatives without charging a fee.

#4. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

In just over a decade, Anime-Planet has amassed a user base of over a million people.

Anime fans may choose from a wide variety of classic and modern shows, with the site boasting more than 40,000 anime videos. Users of Anime-Planet can stream episodes in high definition.

If you’re looking for a quick and painless way to discover new stuff, Anime-planet has you covered with a robust community, reviews of popular anime, and top picks from other users. Manga and other ebooks are available to read on this legal streaming site’s store, and their selection is unlike that of any of their competitors.

#5. Chia-Anime


Users of Chia-Anime can enjoy a variety of media, including anime and anime soundtracks, Asian drama, and manga audiobooks. In comparison to Gogoanimes, this site is much better.

Every movie, show, or documentary on the site can be bookmarked for a later viewing. Using the available genre filters, you can narrow down the list of recommended shows to only those that fit your particular taste in anime. For each series, Chai-anime provides a list of seasons along with a full calendar of upcoming episodes.

#6. Animefrenzy


Anime fans can choose to watch their favorite shows in Japanese or in English thanks to AnimeFrenzy’s extensive library of anime. You can count on fresh, new material added specifically for your amusement every day.
If you’re new to anime and want some recommendations, just click the “Random” button. The articles are separated into logical categories for easy navigation.

#7. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll has been serving its audience for a long time. After an hour of TV broadcast, it provides access to over 25,000 episodes of the most popular and recent anime series.

In contrast to, as the banner proclaims, the official site of anime and drama, which in this case refers to Crunchyroll because to its extensive libraries of anime, it is perfectly legal and risk-free to utilise Crunchyroll.

#8. Anime Series

Anime Series

Just like that, here’s another top-notch online resource. Each hour, Animeshow adds new high-quality videos dubbed in English.

Its interface is straightforward, and you can quickly zero in on specific content types like recently added shows or fan favourites. Viewing freshly added content on animeshow is made easy by a list in the sidebar that automatically updates each title with the link to the users.

#9. Animebee


Animebees caters specifically to Anglo fans of the medium who enjoy watching or reading about the medium. This anime streaming service offers both dubbed and subtitled versions of all programming. Animebee’s layout makes it simple to find what you’re looking for; below, you’ll find a search bar with the most popular query terms that will lead you to any title.

Anime fans can watch a wide variety of series online, including naruto, Baruto, demon slayer, sorcery combat, and many more. Animebees also features a Twitter community as well as a list of the best anime, the most often broadcast anime, and a database of movies

#10., like our previous recommendation animebee, is a no-signup anime streaming site. There are a tonne of streaming sites on this site where you can watch shows like “One Piece,” “Bleach,” “Black Cover,” “My Hero Academia” (recent episodes), and many more. This site features either original material, subtitles, or English audio.

The website has a news area in the sidebar where information about upcoming shows, new characters, and release dates will be compiled. If you know the people who make websites, you can contact them and request stuff that isn’t already available online.

#11. 123animes


Did you catch “movies” in the domain name? If you’re like watching movies online without spending any money, you’ve probably heard of this service. Similar to how 123movies dominates the movie streaming space, 123anime does the same thing for anime. You can find practically every anime ever made here, however it’s not a reliable and legal streaming service.

Like the original 123anime, 123anime has a search bar on the first page where you can type in any title, actor, or character name to find a library containing similar content

If features are discussed, you may see where we are in the process by looking at the “status” option in the material that is either in progress or complete. By browsing the site’s “release” menu, you can watch anime from as far back as 1958 or as recently as the present day. If I had to choose between 123anime and gogoanime, I’d have to say that 123anime is the superior option.

#12. animeon24


Their preferred or uploaded content backs up their slogan, “watch online anime with English for free,” on animeon24. This website makes it easy to watch movies, the newest anime series, or episodes. Simply navigate to the homepage, and then click the desired title or thumbnail to be taken to a page with a list of streaming sites appropriate for that particular anime series.

There is a designated area for this type of service, where you can browse through or apply filters to find content in specific genres like comedy, vampire, fantasy, magic, a slice of life, and so on. In the future, you can see what anime are available to stream by using the comprehensive A-Z list.

Can I watch Gogoanime on my phone or my TV?

The answer is yes, there is a mobile version. It’s available for free on the Play Store or the developer’s website for installation. In addition, it has a TV app available on the Microsoft Store.

The HD quality, English subtitles, and download options on its TV app are identical to those on the official website. It’s also beautifully laid out in every respect, making it a breeze to use.


Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most visited websites in the world dedicated to distributing anime. Even though it is against the law, using it is perfectly safe so long as you stay out of the deeper parts of it. It was said to be offline, but users may still access it normally.

Gogo anime provides material that is hard to get on other websites. It has made a respectable effort to establish itself in the digital sphere through this. But we’ve also included several alternatives in case you’re not happy with it or can’t utilize it. It’s there for your amusement, so why don’t you use it?

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