Grounds For Eviction of the Tenant in UAE

Originally posted on December 1, 2022 @ 1:46 pm

The UAE has experienced wide expansion over the years. The most notable expansion was experienced in the real estate sector. As the Real Estate market is expanding the same pattern is expected in the future to continue.

If you are thinking of becoming a landlord in the country, there is much news surrounding the eviction of the tenant by the landlord. In this article, we will explain the laws prevailing in UAE regarding the tenant’s notice to leave the rental property or building.

The landlord is the owner of the property. The good news is that both the renters and property owners both have similar rights in UAE. Landlords are not encouraged under the law to abruptly ask the tenant to vacate or evict him for whatsoever reasons.

 It is preferred that landlords give valid reasons along with requesting the tenant to vacate the building or property. Under the law, if the tenancy contract expires, the landlord may request eviction of the tenant from the real property in some cases only. We will discuss the cases below;

If the property needs reconstruction or the building is collapsing for a rebuild, this will prevent the tenant from occupying the place. Moreover, new structures are built by acquiring licenses from the concerned authorities.

On the other hand, if the property or building needs maintenance to take place, then the landlord can request to vacate the place. As the repairs and restoration can’t take place in the presence of the renter. There is a need for confirmation from the Dubai municipality along with the technical report to carry out the process. 

If the landlord intends to use the property for personal usage or their blood relations, then it could take place. The term attached to it is that the owner needs to show that they own no other property for a similar purpose in UAE. If the landlord plans to sell out the property, then they need to vacate it. Therefore this can be done under the condition. 

If we proceed further we will see that under article 25, it is expected from the landlord to give away the written notice of eviction to the tenant. It should be given 12 months before the date of eviction. The notice dispatched should be sent by the registered mailing address or a notary public. 

Oral notices or simple text messages are not valid. The tenant should be given at least 12 months before they are evicted from the building. Written notices are important and thus, should be handed over personally. 

Moreover, in case of any dispute between the tenant or landlord the notice should be served correctly. The proof needs to be shown that the adequate and legit way was opted for before the eviction in action. The landlord needs to provide evidence that they have followed the legal way and that the tenant has received the mail. 

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