How Much Cost to Replace a Refrigerator Compressor?

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The average cost of installing a new refrigerator compressor is $375, with costs ranging from $250 to $650. Without considering installation, the compressor itself might cost anywhere between $100 and $500. You probably don’t think much about your refrigerator’s internal mechanisms when it’s operating flawlessly. But for a refrigerator to work, a compressor is necessary. The compressor acts as the beating heart of your refrigerator, pumping refrigerant gas to produce the energy required to maintain the refrigerator’s cool temperature.

Refrigerator Compressor Cost Breakdown

A refrigerator compressor’s cost is influenced by a number of elements, including size, design, and measurements.

Size of Compressor

Like most things in the field of home remodeling, bigger equals more expensive. To perform the cooling functions, huge freezers require compressors that are also large. The cost of a single extra-large compressor might reach $700, however larger models are mainly used in commercial refrigerators. Even the most powerful large household compressors have a $400–500 maximum capacity. When it comes to a replacement model, however, you are limited in your options because you must use the part that, regardless of size, is designed to match your particular refrigerator. An equivalent compressor starts at roughly $100 if your refrigerator is tiny.

Design / Type of Compressor 

The price of the replacement part depends on the type of compressor used. Refrigerator compressor technology is primarily divided into four categories, each having a variety of costs, benefits, and drawbacks. But keep in mind to buy the correct part, even if it’s the wrong kind, to fit your refrigerator.

  • Open compressor: An open compressor’s design separates the motor from any associated parts, making it simple to repair since the motor can be quickly replaced when necessary. These compressors cost between $200 and $400, are on the larger side, and can leak under heavy use.
  • Hermetic compressor: These compressors’ components are housed in an enclosure that is hermetically sealed, as the name implies. As a result, the compressor lasts longer because its components are never exposed to the extreme conditions found inside a refrigerator. Although the buy-in cost of this sort of compressor is on the lower side, at $100 to $250, this makes repairs challenging.
  • Piston compressor: The most popular type of compressor on the market, the piston compressor, is probably already present in your refrigerator. These are available in a variety of setups to match the majority of residential-friendly refrigerator designs. Although they are quite simple to fix and replace, they need to be lubricated frequently to function at their best. At $100 to $300, these little compressors are reasonably priced.
  • Spiral compressors: Also known as scroll compressors, spiral compressors have a straightforward design with few parts. Because of this, they are strong, long-lasting, and simple to repair, however, their power output is lower than that of other varieties. These cost between $200 and $450 and are frequently seen in high-end modern refrigerators.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates certification for anybody working with refrigerants due to the specialized equipment and knowledge needed to replace a compressor. The hourly rate for refrigerator repairmen is from $45 to $120, with a one-time service charge of $150 to $200. Fortunately, changing a compressor is a relatively simple task that, in many circumstances, only takes an hour or two.

Additional Costs to Consider 

When dealing with compressor problems, factors besides size and type must be taken into account. It’s important to be aware of certain additional cost factors.

Repair vs. Replacement 

An average compressor repair costs between $200 to $450, which is slightly less expensive than a complete replacement. However, refrigerator compressors only last eight to ten years, so as they get close to that timeframe, think about spending the extra money to replace them. If not, another problem will probably surface a few months later. Furthermore, not every compressor can be fixed. Hermetic compressors, for example, need to be replaced since the design prevents access to the internal parts.

Further Refrigerator Repairs

Other components of a refrigerator beyond the compressors occasionally need some tender loving care. Other typical refrigerator repair expenses are listed below.

Fridge Relay Switch Cost

If the refrigerator is running but not maintaining its cooling, it’s possible that the issue is just a malfunctioning relay switch, which can be fixed for $50 to $200.

Refrigerator Leak Repair

You may have a refrigerant leak if you detect a chemical odor. You shouldn’t ever need to replenish refrigerant because this is unusual. If you smell something strange, you should absolutely contact a refrigerator repair company. A refrigerant leak repair is between $200 and $300.

Repair of a refrigerator coil

The essential elements that keep everything cool in a refrigerator, aside from the compressor, are the coils. They help to circulate the coolant throughout the cabin by condensing warm air. In other words, the role of these coils is crucial. They are unluckily frequently found close to the bottom of the refrigerator, making them particularly vulnerable to harm from dirt and another crud. Costs range from $100 to $400 to repair refrigerator coils, depending on the underlying problem and any accessibility issues.

Freezer Repair 

Depending on the type of freezer and the underlying repair issue, fixing your freezer might cost anywhere from $100 to $700. How simple or challenging it is for a technician to access defective parts depends on the design. The cost of labour increases if these components are challenging to get. In general, upright freezers are less expensive to repair than drawer freezers, and vice versa. Repairing a compact freezer costs between $100 and $300, while a chest freezer costs between $100 and $450.

Ice Maker Repair 

The seemingly simple ice maker is a surprisingly complicated piece of machinery that takes some effort to fix. Standard ice makers typically cost $330 to repair, though the cost can vary based on the design. Professionals typically advise full replacement because it is less expensive. A new ice maker only costs $60 to $200. Consider using straightforward ice trays if money is truly tight.

Control Board Malfunction

The control board repair job is perhaps the most expensive on this list, with costs ranging from $80 to $800. No other component of refrigerator functions without the control board because it is the brains of the entire system. If your refrigerator has completely ceased working, there probably is a problem with the control board. When fixing contemporary high-end models, the cost of replacement control boards increases.

Cost of Doing Your Own Refrigerator Compressor Repair or Replacement

You will just need to invest your time and the cost of the item itself to replace or repair a refrigerator compressor. Given that professionals charge $45 to $120 per hour for their work and the task only takes a few hours, doing it yourself could save you a few hundred dollars. However, this task is best left to a qualified professional because the EPA needs certification to operate with refrigerants and the damaged compressor may have a buildup of refrigerant fumes. The refrigerator shouldn’t become a vent for the fumes. A professional will also make sure that the compressor repair technique doesn’t harm any freezing components.

How to Fix the Refrigerator Compressor Issue

Before hiring a professional, you can check a few things to discover why your fridge might not be chilling in order to perhaps save money on a service visit or avoid a refrigerator repair:

  • Make that the refrigerator is powered on and that the temperature is set properly (at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezer should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Remove it from the wall and look behind it. Are the coils unblocked and is the fan clean? While you’re back there, unplug the refrigerator, vacuum up any pet hair that may have fallen on it, and carefully brush off any debris or dust. Doing this annually is a smart idea in any case.
  • Plug the refrigerator back in after unplugging it and removing the service panel for about 20 minutes to let it cool and reset.

Not cooling anymore? Locate a reputable appliance repair business in your area to rescue your cold food.

Cost of Professional Services vs. Do-It-Yourself

Hiring a professional to handle compressor repairs or replacements is almost always more economical. Compressors are sophisticated technological devices with intricate designs that require years of knowledge to fully comprehend. By doing it yourself, you can save up to $100 per hour on labor charges, but you’ll have to spend that money on specialized tools. Furthermore, professionals complete these tasks in under two hours; you would need considerably longer. Finally, professionals are concerned with safety because refrigerant leaks can be hazardous to handle. They also know how to recycle a defective compressor in a way that complies with local legal requirements.

You can do some refrigerator repair tasks on your own to avoid paying a service call fee, such as diagnosing a broken door gasket.

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How to Reduce the Cost of Repairing or Replacing a Refrigerator Compressor

When repairing or replacing a refrigerator compressor, there are some easy ways to save money.

  • Used components: Choosing used compressors and related parts will save you a tonne of money because they are around half as expensive as brand-new components. However, you won’t receive a product warranty if you buy a new compressor, so ask your expert if it’s okay before going this way.
  • Increase the number of repairs done: Technicians bill a service fee regardless of how long the work takes. To avoid having to call them out again, have your pro handle many refrigerator problems at once.
  • Remember, professionals bill by the hour, so make it simple for them by cleaning out the fridge and freezer before they arrive. If not, they perform the action and charge you.
  • Verify the warranty: Find any refrigerator-related warranties that may be laying around. If you previously bought a standalone extended warranty, it might still be in effect. The manufacturer’s warranty also applies if the refrigerator is more recent.
  • Obtain several estimates; don’t choose the first one you come across. Instead, have a few conversations with technicians and get multiple quotes. This gives you the option to select a professional based on price, but it also gives you the chance to utilize other estimates as a negotiating tool with your chosen professional.


How do I know if the refrigerator compressor is broken?

There is a good likelihood that the compressor has failed if the food in your refrigerator is no longer cold. Make sure the refrigerator is powered on and that the temperature is set appropriately before calling a professional (at or below 40 degrees F while the freezer should be at 0 degrees F).
Removing it away from the wall and looking behind is another smart move. The fan and coils are they clean? If so, contact a technician for appliances.

When should a refrigerator be replaced?

Your refrigerator probably has to be replaced if it is older than 15 years. Costs range from $1,000 to $1,500 for a brand-new refrigerator. It’s worth spending a few hundred dollars on a repair to extend the lifespan of a newer refrigerator.
Although they can last up to 27 years, most refrigerators only last 10 to 15 years on average.

What are a few indications that the refrigerator needs repair?

It may be time to service or replace your refrigerator if it begins to make odd noises or if it loses its cooling ability. A refrigerator or freezer typically costs $200 to $330 to repair. When a compressor is too hot to touch or makes an odd noise, one common issue is an overheating fan. The start relay may also be having issues. You’ll notice warm air in the fridge and hear a clicking sound if that’s the case. A malfunctioning evaporator is another problem that could cause strange noises.

How can I fix a compressor in a refrigerator on a tight budget?

By choosing the least expensive option—locating a reconditioned compressor, which can cost as low as $35—you can fix a refrigerator compressor on a budget. The fridge might last a little while longer this way, but it’s likely that it will eventually need to be replaced again. The compressor can be changed next, and purchasing a new refrigerator, which typically costs between $1,000 and $1,500, is the most expensive choice. If your fridge is more than ten years old, this might make the most sense.

Does it make sense to swap out the refrigerator compressor?

It depends on the problem, how much it would cost to replace the compressor and how much it would cost to replace the complete refrigerator. One of the most expensive components of a refrigerator is the compressor, therefore it is frequently wiser to just replace the entire refrigerator rather than shelling out the cash for a new compressor. Ask your expert for some suggestions.


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