How Old Is Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)?

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If you’re wondering how old is Levi Ackerman, read on. Find out His birthday, his age in No Regrets, and more. Also learn about his relationship with Eren, tea snobbishness, and more. You’ll be glad you did! We’ll leave you with a list of some of the most interesting facts about the actor. But before we get to those facts, let’s look at some of his other interesting facts.

Who is Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)?

Levi Ackerman is the Captain of the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad, which is led by Erwin Smith. He is regarded as the world’s most powerful soldier, capable of defeating an army on his own.

Despite this, he is far from the hero that the public perceives him to be. He is a tidy freak, rude, distant, not very open to others, and very disciplined (read more about Why Levi Ackerman is short?).

Levi Ackerman’s age in the first season

The first season of Shingeki no Kyojin began in the year 845. Levi Ackerman was in his mid-twenties at the time.

With these in mind, we can estimate Levi Ackerman’s age in Season 1 to be 25.

After the time jump, Levi was in his early 30s in the year 850. (according to the manga author1).

In Season 2, Levi Ackerman’s age is revealed

Throughout Season 2, Levi Ackerman was in his early 30s.

Season 3 Levi Ackerman’s age

Throughout Season 3, Levi Ackerman was in his early 30s.

Season 4 Part 1: Levi Ackerman’s Age (final season)

The fourth season of Attack on Titan took place in the year 854. Levi had to have been 34 years old at the time (according to Levi’s MAL profile).

Season 4 Part 2: Levi Ackerman’s Age (final season)

We had another time skip (3 years) in the last chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin, meaning Levi Ackerman will be 37 years old by the end of the story.

Levi Ackerman’s age

If you’re wondering how old Levi Ackerman is, you’re not alone. In the Attack on Titan anime series, Levi Ackerman has the same height as Kenny and the same power level. His parents are distant cousins who died in front of him, and they share a similar appearance and personality. Levi stands about 5’2”, just like his character. To help you guess his age, here are some facts.

First of all, Levi’s height is about average, but his weight is significantly underweight. He was a prostitution client. His mother, Kuchel, was a prostitute and became pregnant by one of her clients. His father, Kenny Ackerman, was shorter than Levi, and his hair was dark and sleek. He was pale on his forehead, so he’s a little shorter than Levi. Secondly, his mother worked a night shift in a brothel. Levi Ackerman’s age is between twenty-five and thirty-three, so his parents were not able to provide him with the nutrition he needed.

However, Levi Ackerman’s age has been a source of confusion for fans and viewers alike. While the actor’s appearance on the TV show is impressive, his age is not entirely clear. In fact, Levi is probably in his mid to late thirties, but we can’t say for sure without knowing the exact details. Levi’s age is a mystery because he’s so well-rounded and full of dark secrets.

In the manga, Levi Ackerman’s age is unknown. The first season featured him as being in his early twenties. The second season saw him in his early 30s, so he’s probably in his early 30s, at least by our standards. Using the manga’s MAL data, however, we can estimate his age fairly well. However, if you want a more accurate estimate, check the manga’s MAL data to learn more.

His birthday

The birthday of Levi Ackerman is an event that is destined to become an instant classic. The intelligence corporal has never imagined standing on a stage, maracas cranked up, and a whole bunch of strangers singing “Happy Birthday” to him. A moment like this rekindles his sense of humor, and makes him wonder what he’s done to deserve such a happy birthday. Besides, he thought his infectious grin was a contagious disease and that he was being fucked!

Among other things, Levi Ackerman’s birthday is a good time to consider his age. Originally, he was born in the Underground City and his mother, Kuchel, was a prostitute. Later, she died of a horrific disease, leaving the young Levi to be raised by his uncle Kenny Ackerman. His birthday also happens to be the same day as Christmas, the birth of Jesus. As such, fans often wonder if he was born in the Christmas season or at Easter, and are confused by this.

Ackerman has been around for a while now and is a fan favorite. It’s not unusual for fans of Attack on Titan to celebrate his birthday by posting birthday messages on Twitter. The character, played by Hiroshi Kamiya, has been a fan favorite since the show’s first season. While Eren took away Levi’s attention in the final season, fans of the show should be happy to know that Levi is still alive and well.

Another great way to celebrate Levi’s birthday is with a collectible figure! You can get a Levi Ackerman (Birthday) Collectible Figure, based on the art of MAPPA, from Sideshow. The figure features an accurate likeness of Levi, including his trademark facial features. You can buy this collectible figure for your child or loved one, and it will bring back fond memories of the Attack on Titan TV show.

His relationship with Eren

Levi Ackerman’s relationship with Eran is a complex one. Eren is a mutant who is accepted into the Survey Corps and Squad Levi. His purpose is to help humanity, but his teammates treat him like a monster and threaten to kill him if he moves. This relationship is complicated by the complexities of Levi’s past and the challenges he faces on the job. As the show continues, we learn how his relationship with Eren develops.

Throughout the show, we learn that Levi is the one who teaches Eren about freedom and choice. Eren’s greatest desire is to transform into a titan so that he can save humanity. But Levi understands that this is not the right choice. In addition to helping Eren with his problems, Levi also gives him a voice. It is this compassion and understanding that leads him to help Eren overcome his fears.

While the relationship between Levi Ackerman and Eren is often controversial, the two men do have chemistry. In addition to being able to relate to each other, Levi and Eren have more trust and respect for one another than their fellow soldiers. It would be unfair to accuse Eren of pedophilia if she had been a child. She is an adult now. But the relationship between Levi Ackerman and Eren is not one that is based on a mentor-mente relationship.

Eren is unreliable in his judgment of Eren’s abilities. His constant calling of him a brat undermines Eren’s confidence. He eventually instructs Eren to control his titan shifting ability. In the end, Levi takes Eren’s side, despite Eren’s doubts. But Levi’s loyalty to Eren makes him a worthy antagonist. While Eren may think he is a monster, Levi is an advocate for the human race and for humanity.

His tea snobbishness

If you’ve ever read the manga series, you may have wondered how old Levi Ackerman is. While it is impossible to say for sure, he appears to be in his late thirties or early forties. Regardless, it’s clear that Levi likes tea. He drinks it constantly, often at the dinner table, and is never seen without it.

His snobishness is probably due to the fact that he didn’t receive a great deal of sunlight as a child, and he didn’t get enough vitamin D and calcium. In addition, tea helps prevent the absorption of calcium. Although he’s a tea snob, his tea drinking habits might be a sign of his age.

Although he is an independent thinker, Levi does have a certain respect for his subordinates. This is evident in his behavior during the disastrous 57th Expedition. While his subordinates resisted orders, Levi acted in his own best interests and put the safety of his comrades before his own. Moreover, he had a deep respect for Commander Erwin Smith, and trusted him completely.

His tea snobishness may also be a sign of how old Levi Ackermann is. He smirked and leaned in to kiss her. This made Illyria laugh. After all, he was not a small boy, but a grown man who is not growing properly. He has a habit of drinking tea. Tea can hinder the absorption of calcium, which is necessary for bone growth.

Despite his snobishness, Levi Ackerman has a healthy diet and has even begun a healthy tea habit. As the leader of Special Operation Squad Levi, he is one of the strongest fighters in Attack on Titan. His mother, Kuchel Ackerman, was a famous prostitute. Her uncle, Kenny Ackerman, raised Levi.

His distance from others

When interacting with others, Levi is not always the most approachable person. He is aloof and distant, and his cold nature can be off-putting. But at heart, Levi is an honorable, good person who wants to save humanity from the Titans. Although his distance from others makes him appear cold and distant, he’s not necessarily unkind. Here are some examples of how Levi acts differently from other people.

When Levi’s boyfriend Y/N asked him about the trip, he had no idea that Y/N was going to follow suit. Levi was excited about the trip and had a couple weeks until his plane left for his country. Time passed, and Levi was far from home. He was her favorite person in the world. It was a bittersweet moment. And, although he was lonely, he was happy to have a lover.

The past of Levi Ackerman reveals his ambivalence and distant behavior. His mother died when he was very young, and his uncle teaches him violence and abandonment. He loses two close friends and is unsure of his own moral values. He’s constantly searching for the “high ground” when it comes to his relationships. Ultimately, this ambivalence has led him to a lonely existence, and he has become disenchanted by others.

In addition to their shared surname, Levi and Mikasa share the same bloodline. Their fathers are both Ackermans, and their mother is part of the Asian Clan. Levi, like Mikasa, is fiercely loyal to Erwin, but neither are brothers. Unlike Mikasa and Erwin, Levi and Mikasa are distantly related to each other.


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