How Tall Is Gru?

Originally posted on December 20, 2022 @ 12:44 pm

In the well-known animated film Despicable Me, the villain Gru is a super-tall character with a kind heart. But how tall is he exactly? In this blog article, we’ll go into the evidence to try to determine Gru’s height. To try and determine his actual height, we’ll compare his height to some real-life objects and people as well as other movie characters. So continue reading if you’ve ever wondered how tall Gru is!

How Tall Is Gru?

Gru is portrayed as being about 6 feet tall in the 2010 animated feature Despicable Me. He looks to be somewhat shorter in the follow-up, Despicable Me 2, standing at roughly 5’5″. He wears more high-heeled shoes in the first film, which is probably why.

How Does Gru’s Height Compare to Other Characters in the Despicable Me movies?

In the Despicable Me films, Gru is a large character that towers over most of the other characters. He is seen to be a little taller than his minions in the first movie, and a lot taller than his daughter Margo in the second. There are some characters, nevertheless, who are taller than Gru.

Vector, the major antagonist in the first film, is one such figure. Vector appears to be far taller than Gru and can even observe him from atop a building. El Macho, the major adversary of the second film, is another tall character. El Macho is also seen to be considerably taller than Gru and, at one point, even carries him.

Gru is a tall guy overall, but there are certain others that are taller than him.

How Does Gru’s Height Compare to Other Animated Characters?

Compared to other animated characters, Gru is a bit taller. He towers over characters like Shrek (6’3″) and Wreck-It Ralph (6’1″) with a height of 6’4″. Despite being tall, he isn’t the tallest character around. That honour belongs to figures like Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles (6’4.5″) and King Julien from Madagascar (6’5″). He may not be the tallest, but it does not make him any less powerful. He is a super-villain who has become a super-dad, thus he undoubtedly has an advantage over other animation characters in terms of height!

How Does Gru’s Height Compare to Real-Life People?

The height of Gru is about standard for a man. He is marginally taller than the majority of males. He is between 5’10” and 6’0″ in height. He is taller than around 60% of guys, according to this.

Gru is depicted standing next to other average-height persons in the Despicable Me movie. He is positioned next to a tall woman and a short male in one scene. The short male is about 5’4″, and the tall woman is about 6’2″. In other words, Gru is situated somewhere between these two heights.

When compared to other well-known animated characters, Gru’s height is favorable. He is taller than Patrick Star (2’8″), SpongeBob SquarePants (4’2″), and Homer Simpson (5’9″). He is shorter than Mickey Mouse (5’9″), Bugs Bunny (5’11”), and Freddy Krueger (6’1″), though.


When it comes to his height, Gru is a little mysterious. He is tall for a human, no doubt, but his exact height is unclear. What we do know is that Gru stands about 6’3″ taller than the average person. Gru is your go-to guy if you ever need a tall person for anything.


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