How to Defrost Samsung Ice Maker? (Fast & Easy Ways)

Originally posted on November 17, 2022 @ 3:42 pm

It’s probably time to defrost your Samsung ice maker if it’s giving you problems. Here is a brief tutorial on defrosting a Samsung ice maker.

Samsung ice makers occasionally experience problems including unneeded ice buildup, which can make them unable to function even when the power is on. The ice maker won’t produce ice properly, and the icebox’s cooling capabilities might not function properly.

But there’s no need to worry; you can thaw your ice machine to get it working again.

This post will go over numerous approaches to quickly thaw a Samsung ice maker. We will discuss the tips and techniques in accordance with the defrost procedure, which may differ according on the type of model.

How To Defrost Samsung Ice Maker (Step By Step)

Ice refills are collected by Samsung ice producers in the icebox and other refrigerator components. For instructions on how to thaw a Samsung ice maker, see below:

Reset the Ice Maker: By restarting the ice maker, the fridge may be able to defrost in less than 24 hours and the ice-filling problem will be solved. By doing a few straightforward things, you might be able to reset the ice maker:


Take care when removing the ice maker tray because the upright corner contains a blue square reset button.


The refrigerator will reset when you hear a click sound after pressing the button and holding it for around 10 seconds.


Within 24 hours, the ice maker would restart and begin to defrost.

How To Force Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

To use the Force defrost feature on the Samsung refrigerator and ice makers, access the control panel. By turning on the heater loops, this technique turns on the heat pipes and eliminates the ice buildups. To begin the Force Defrost on a Samsung ice maker, follow these steps:

Step 1: With the Samsung ice maker still turned on, push both the “Freezer” and “Lightning” buttons at once for roughly 10 seconds, or until the screen becomes completely black.

Step 2: A blank screen means the refrigerator has entered the Defrost mode. Press any button on the seven-segment screen to cycle through the options after the screen turns black until you locate the “Fd” mode on the internet.

Step 3: When the fridge enters Force defrost mode, a buzzer sound will be heard.

This method may need to be used more than once a year because it is not an automatic feature. Based on the model type, which we covered in the preceding steps, the Force defrost activation may vary.

Tabletop Model

To force-defrost the tabletop model, push the “Power Freezer” and “Fridge” buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds. Keep pressing the buttons until the display goes black. After that, go through the available selections until the LED panel displays “Fd.” A buzzer will signal the beginning of defrost.

Water Dispenser Model

You must simultaneously push the “Power Freezer” and “Lightning” buttons on the dispenser model for roughly 10 seconds. You can then cycle through the available options until the ‘Fd’ options show up on the screen when the screen blinks and lights up once again. The refrigerator will enter Force Defrost mode and complete its task.

How Long Does It Take To Defrost The Samsung Ice Maker?

It could take up to 20 minutes to clear the ice fill-ups using the Force defrost approach. For Force Defrost, you don’t need to take the food out of the fridge or empty it.

However, it may take at least 6 hours to return the refrigerator back to normal if you defrost the ice maker by using the reset option.

Problems & Issues with Samsung Refrigerator Defrosting

Samsung refrigerators experience ice build-up problems as a result of their subpar construction. The Samsung ice makers’ contemporary design can accommodate the defrost option. Although the following factors could prevent the defrost feature from functioning properly:

  • Defrost sensor fuse blown
  • Defrost sensor is broken
  • In the heater pipes, there is ice.
  • faulty thermostat

Ice makers and refrigerators from the latest model generation frequently have auto-defrost. Technological problems could prevent the functionality from working properly. A technician may be needed to work on these problems and replace or repair the broken components.

Why does my Samsung refrigerator ice maker freeze up?

Due to a defect in its construction, Samsung ice machines are infamous for their ice freezing up. In particular, as the temperature drops in the winter, the ice accumulates quickly. It need not be a technological difficulty.
Nevertheless, the thermostat may not be operating properly. The auto defrost feature may malfunction. Lack of defrosting causes the ice to progressively accumulate until you manually defrost it.

Where is the reset button on a Samsung Ice Maker?

As shown in the image below, the reset button on Samsung ice makers is located on the top right side of the ice tray. You can approach this reset button while holding the ice tray out in front of you.

Final Thoughts

Any refrigerator or ice machine may experience difficulties as a result of the ice buildup. With regard to Samsung ice makers, the Force Defrost feature speeds up and streamlines the manual defrost process. Defrosting your refrigerator can prevent any lasting harm, such as the need to replace your pipes. It’s an easy technique to defrost your refrigerator at home without using any special tools.


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