How to Improve Your Hybrid Employee Experience

Originally posted on May 6, 2022 @ 11:40 pm

Although working from home or remote work has been around for decades, more employees experienced remote work during the pandemic. While not planned, companies were able to use resources to make the transition to working from home happen as smoothly as working in an office. Many companies currently have several options for employees, including hybrid. Continue reading to discover more facts about hybrid workers and what companies need to know to improve the hybrid experience for employees.

Hybrid work is a valued commodity for businesses and employees alike. It is a working model that allows employees to work some time in the office and some time at home.

Some of the benefits of hybrid at work include:

  • It reduces exposure to illness at work
  • It offers employees a better work-life balance
  • It allows employees to work when and how they are most productive
  • Employers can hire from around the globe

Some ways to make the hybrid experience great for employees include:

  • Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

It is easy to have a breakdown in communication when half the staff is in the office and the others are working remotely. Communicating information regarding the company policies, procedures, or services must be conveyed to all staff. Therefore, developing a process that produces a strict strategy for sharing company business is vital. It can include Zoom meetings for all staff, emails distributed to all staff, or some bulletin board that everyone has access to.

  • Building Trust with Employees

Acknowledging the contributions of every employee is a surefire way to build trust with employees, especially those working from home. In addition to being excellent for building trust, it is also essential to boost morale and inspire employees.

  • Showing Appreciation With Bonuses and Awards

Although it is easy not to recognize the work done by remote employees, recognition is beneficial to increased productivity and revenue. Therefore, no matter how small an employee’s title or job duties are, those who do those duties effectively should be recognized.

Honoring those who show excellence in their work will inspire other employees to produce at higher levels. While bonuses and money are always a great incentive, so are beautiful crystal World Globe Awards. They can be displayed and showcased forever, bringing additional recognition to the deserving recipients.

  • Being Flexible with Employees

Whenever there are changes in the workplace, they affect employees’ home life and work. For instance, changing the hours of operations by even one hour can throw off the schedule for parents who have to take children to daycare. Therefore, being flexible with employees is essential.

Being flexible during the transition to hybrid work is essential for keeping employees happy and interested. Offering flexibility with a start and stop time are minor adjustments, especially on the days when employees work from home. Set also includes being flexible with an employee schedule day in the office. The employer’s flexibility will help the employee adjust to hybrid work easier.

  • Supporting Those Who Want to Work From Home Exclusively

A growing number of employees find that working from home is better than coming into the office or at work. Therefore, employers’ support for those who want to work from home exclusively is crucial.

In addition to encouraging productivity from home, employers must also support staff with the resources necessary to do their job correctly. That includes sending printers, paper, or any tools of the trade home for those remote or hybrid workers to use.

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  • Set up More Employees for Leadership Positions

When it comes to questions at work, many employees’ mode of communication is either email or telephone calls. Instead of inundating managers who have questions from employees in the office and at home, setting up more employees for leadership positions will alleviate the pressure on management.

When employees have a simple question or concern, they can’t go to a mid-level leader for a suitable answer and meet company standards.

As you have read, businesses are changing their approach to employees’ work settings and hours. Hybrid work is growing in popularity, and employers recognize the benefits to the company. There are multiple ways employers can make the hybrid experience better for employees, and six of those ways are listed above. As a company considering hybrid work for employees, implementing these six goals make the experience positive for everyone involved.


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