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Joe Biden is one of the most famous personalities whom you can spot in politics. Before he entered into politics, he used to work as an attorney. Soon, he became the fifth-youngest U.S senator. Joe Biden is one of the most famous personalities in the World. If you want to get more information about him, then read the article till its end. 

In 2008, Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as the 47th Vice president of the US. In 2017, Joe Biden was honored with the Presidential Medal of freedom. After two years, Buden launched his campaign and was selected as the President of the United States. However, being the president of the US took struggle, and once people chose the person as their leader. 

Early Life and Career

Joe Biden byname of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr, was born on November 29, 194,2, and raised in Pennsylvania. In 1965, Joe earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware, and in 1968, he got a law degree from Syracuse University, New York. In the meantime, he got married to Neilia Hunter. 

From 1970-1972 he served as an attorney of New Castle County Council. After becoming the fifth-youngest senator, his wife and infant daughter were killed in a car accident. Joe has one son from Neilia Hunter, who also died of a disease. However, he has a son who is related to political activities. 

In 1977, he married Jill Jacob and had a daughter. Jil Jacom has a Ph.D. in education. Currently, she is in the teaching profession. Biden, apart from U.S Senator, also was an adjunct professor at Wilmington, Widener University School of Law. Joe Biden used to take part in various debates and writing for Women’s violence. Once the writing got the first prize. 

Presidential Run Of Senator Biden

In 1978, Biden won re-election and five times following that year. Biden spent overall 36 years in the U.S Senate and eight years in the Judiciary Committee, and four years in the foreign relations committee. 

Later on, Biden opposed student forced bruising of students for making ends in de facto separation. As a senator Biden proved himself to be the leader by taking a major role in domestic and international issues. Senator Biden is mainly recognized for the 1994 Landmark Crime Act and Women Violence Act. Apart from that, Biden has also made a great contribution to shaping US Foreign Policy. 

Joe Biden Net Worth

President Joe Biden has a worth of $9 million. This net worth from Forbes, which calculates more than $4 million in real estate and about $4 million in total investment. Along with that, he receives a federal pension, which accounts for $1 billion. 

NameJoe Biden
Joe Biden Net Worth$ 9 Million
Political partyDemocratic
Wealth SourcePolitics

Facts You May Not know About Joe Biden

  1. Joe Buden used to take part in the high school football team. He played both as wide receiver and halfback on the team.
  2. Joe Biden has two pet dogs named Champ and Major.
  3. Joe Biden still has 67 Stingray Corvette gifted by his father. 
  4. Joe Bided led a campaign against women’s violence, and his writing won a debate. 
  5. Joe Biden is the second catholic president in the history of the US. 
  6. During his eight years in the White House, Joe Biden and Barack Obama spent time together at their lunchtime. 
  7. Joe Biden’s favorite ice cream is choco chip. 
  8. During his childhood, Biden was bullied for having a stutter. This stutter lasted up to 20 years of his youth. 
  9. After completing his law degree, he was selected for service in the Vietnam war but failed medical tests. 
  10. Just after his election in the senate, Joe turned upside. He went Christmas shopping with his wife and infant baby. But sufficient, they caught an accident where his wife and infant got dead. 
  11. During Joe Biden’s time as Vice President, he was responsible for combating cancer. During this year, this campaign was a huge success overall. 

Hope, Now you know everything about Joe Biden. One of the most famous personalities and a good human being Joe Biden has taken place in everyone’s mind. 


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