Kerolay Chaves 21 Year Old OnlyFans Model And Brazil Football Team Fan

Originally posted on December 23, 2022 @ 2:36 pm

The Qatar World Cup, according to a Brazilian OnlyFans model named Kerolay Chaves, has decreased her earnings by diverting male attention.

Men “prefer footie over sex,” she claimed.

The adult market was severely damaged by the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Who Is Kerolay Chaves 21 Year Old OnlyFans Model And Brazil Football Fan

The event, according to the 21-year-old White Fairy, also known as Kerolay Chaves, had a terrible impact on the adult market. She has no favorite team to root for. Her greatest success, according to Chaves, whose income from OnlyFans apparently decreased by 60% during the World Cup, will be to get men to pay her again.

She claims that the majority of her followers wager significantly more on the World Cup than they do on her services since they prefer football over sex. The former mobile phone technician, who refers to herself as the “last virgin” still active on OnlyFans, professes to enjoy football despite the drop in income.

She supposedly thought she was getting a legitimate autograph when she bought a Neymar-signed national jersey before realizing it was a fake. Earlier this month, she posted a picture of a pair of custom-made jeans on Instagram alongside Tottenham’s Richarlison. She said, “I created a pair of pants featuring Richarlison’s face.

Kerolay Chaves

She had previously declared the pants to be her lucky charm in an effort to help Brazil win the world cup, which they have been attempting to do for 20 years. Brazil, though, was defeated by Croatia on penalties in the quarterfinal.

Kerolay Chaves 1

Chaves said she intended to publish new, unique content on the website in order to make up for her losses during the World Cup, which came to an end on Sunday with Argentina winning the title. Let’s see if they start favouring women over men chasing a ball again, she said.

The Model Claims to be the only Virgin in OnlyFans.

The lovely lady rose to fame after announcing in July that she was the “last virgin on OnlyFans” following hymenoplasty surgery to restore her hymen. Since I am so grateful for the independence I gained with it, I thought of making one of the best requests I’ve ever gotten on the site, she said.


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