MrBeast Net Worth 2022 – Real Name, Bio, Income Source

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The Adventure Guy Mr. Beast is an entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, and YouTuber. This Guy is Successful in all forms of Life’s Profession. He Is More Passionate about trying new things, loves to experiment and do crazy kinds of stuff.

The Guy Posted his first video on YouTube back in 2017. His videos successfully counted thousands of views and started to gain pace, and he went on air. Now, he is one of the most successful YouTubers with 75.1 Million Subscribers. All his posted videos now consistently hit Million Mark Views.

Mr. Beast Has Several YouTube Channels, with 84 Million subscribers, including his main channel. His videos are unique and exciting.

He spends most of his money on charity and maintaining nature. A few months ago, he planted over 20 Million trees with the help of his friends and Workers.

His Recent YouTube Posted Video Was “I cleaned The World Dirtiest Beach” In this Video, with the Help of Some workers and friends, Mr. Beast Cleaned 60000 Lbs of trash from the World Dirtiest Beach. He is always concerned about Cleaning The Environment and Forest Afforestation.

He also Has Crazy Stuff Videos like “I Spent 50 hours Buried Alive,” and I ate $100,000 Golden Ice-cream” He Did Exactly as the Thumbnail Portrays. Both The Videos Together had Views Of 230M. This Guy is Next Level Famous and lovable.

Real Name Jimmy Donaldson
DOB May 07, 1998
Height 6ft 3inches
Net Worth $25 million
Source of Wealth Professional Gamer, Content Creator, Online Streamer
Address Greenville, North Carolina

MrBeast Success

His Main Channel Has A Subscribers Of Around 75 million. They are generating more than 20 Million views consistently in every posted YouTube video. Also, the promotion and Daily Ads Bring more than 55,000 Dollars in a Day, around 20 Million per annum.

He does thousand of Adventures and fun videos. He also gives chances to his subscribers and his audience to win thousands of dollars of money.

His recent videos “I Gave Credit Card To Random people” and “I Gave My 40,000,000th Subscriber 40 Cars. In these videos, he did what he mentioned gave his 40,000,000 YouTube Channel Subscriber 40 Cars and his Credit card To People To Purchase What They Feel. This Guy is next-level, exciting, and Fun Loving.

His Instagram, twitter, and Tiktok has a total of 34Million Respectively. (12M,9M,13M)

He also Took Several Steps To Increase His Subscribers. He bought the billboards and Radio ads through PewDiePie. He was nominated for “The Vlogger Of Year Award” And in 2020, “Favorite Male Star For Kids Choice Award” He Also Won Awards Like ” The Creator of the Year and “The YouTuber Of The Year” Award. During That Phase, He Gained Fame And Became the 20th most Popular YouTube Personality.

MrBeast Net Worth

According to our estimation, the YouTuber had a Net Worth of $25 Million with the scope of his YouTube Channel. Also, through the Medium Of Professional Gaming, Content Creating, and Online Streaming Activities, he makes more than 3 Million in a Month.

Recently, Forbes named his YouTube Channel One of the most popular and most viewed YouTube channels.

Also, with the scope of his promotional activities in Tiktok, CSGO Lotto, Quidd, he gains maximums of his profits.

MrBeast Charity Work

He won several Awards For His Stunt Videos and donated all his money to poor and homeless people. He also raises money through a donation process to protect the animals and the environmental degradation.

In one of his videos, he donated a pizza delivery guy 10000 dollars. Also, After spending 1 dollar on a water bottle, he awarded 10000 Dollars to a waitress; like this way, the Humble and Adventurous Guy donated millions of dollars and donated more than 100 cars to people. He also paid several education loans to students and created a clean, educated, and adventurous society.

His fun videos like “If you can carry 1,000,000 you can keep it” and “Would you sit in snakes for 10,000” Are next-level interesting and dopamine boosters. You can surf his channel and watch videos and never get bored. The Guy never runs out of money and Adventure. He is living his life the way he wants for sure. Also, he is contributing and becoming a tremendous asset to Society.


Mr. Beast is a great guy and has a huge passion for exploring and trying new things. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow his channel to never miss out on donations, Adventures, and Dopamine.


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