myUSAO: How to Access USAO Login Portal 2022

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myUSAO is the portal for students that is available to University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma students. With a USAO login and username, they are able to access their account and gain access to essential information such as their academic record, admissions and application information, and the academic calendar, as well as their exam schedule, course schedule, and many other important academic resources.

How Do I log in to myUSAO portal?

To access your myUSAO login portal,

  1. Visit on your internet browser.
  2. In the upper right corner you can enter your username, then Click to continue..
  3. Next, enter your password.
  4. Log in to log in to your myUSAO account dashboard.

How do you configure your email account

Science & Arts are now available on Office 365. Follow the instructions below to set up and log in to your email.

  1. Log on to
  2. Input in your Science & Arts email address as well as your initial Science & Arts OneLogin password and then click on log in
  3. You must read and accept the acceptable usage policy. The “I Accept” button can only be clicked click it once you’ve read every word of this policy.
  4. Then, in the “current password” field, type in”current password” and enter the “Usao.Edu @….” initial password that you have used to sign into. Create a new , complex security password (see below for more information on this).
  5. Create your security questions for your account and be sure to answer these questions.
  6. If your login is successful, you’ll be redirected on you’ll be redirected to the OneLogin log-in page. It is not necessary to login again to access the account, but you are able check that your credentials work correctly.

If you’re a brand new student, you can be made available to OneLogin when you are accepted into Science & Arts.

What’s your username and password?

Are you unsure of what is your USAO account and your password?

The initial password is Usao.Edu @ (case-sensitive) followed by your birth date (8-digit number, in the MMDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY form).

If, for instance, your birthday was December 3 2017 then your first Science and Arts OneLogin username would be Usao.Edu@12032017.

After you’ve logged into your account, you’ll have to change your password. It could take up to an hour for the changes to update across all devices.

Password must be:

  • At least twelve characters long
  • At least once a year.
  • Include people from 3 of the four categories:
    • Lowercase letter (A to Z)
    • Letters in lowercase (a through Z)
    • Numerics (0 to 9)
    • Special characters (for instance, !, #, $,)
  • Do not include your username
  • Don’t exceed two letters consecutively from your full name.
  • Do not use a password previously used.

IDs for students

The initial student Identification (Drover Card) is for free. Any replacements will cost you $25 per. The payment for replacements must be made through the Business Office first. In order to receive your new ID as a student Bring your original receipt in to Student Services.

Make use of the Student ID card to get access to Nash Library books. get student discounts at the participating locations get transcripts/trimester grades and work-study pay checks and gain free admission at campus-specific occasions.

How do you access your email?

For access to your emails address,

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the username you used to create your account and then enter your password in order to sign in.

If you are having trouble If you are having trouble, send an email to [email protected] or call 405-574-1234.

How can I get access to USAO Canvas?

USAO Canvas is utilized by instructors in a variety of ways to deliver online courses as well as hybrid courses and even face-to-face classes.

If you’re taking a class that’s “hybrid” ensure that you’re in the classroom in person on the scheduled meeting day and at the time for the class’s first session.

The instructor will provide details about what the class hybrid will look like organized on the day you first start.

Follow these easy steps to gain access to your University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Canvas.

  1. Log into OneLogin by visiting (use the email address you have on your Science & Arts .edu email and password).
  2. Click on the Canvas icon.
  3. Learn more about your options for courses
  4. Some courses won’t be announced at the time of the beginning of class. Do not fret, just return and look for the course in the future.

Instructions for enrolling

  1. Students who are currently enrolled should consult their advisor regarding admission. Note: a permission slip is required for all courses in music performance.
  2. All students who need housing should visit the Student Services Office, Student Center 3rd floor for a copy of the housing contract as well as meal plan details (otherwise do not bother with this section.)
  3. After registering, students can check their schedules after registering on MyUSAO.
  4. Enrollment for the 2022 Spring semester for Juniors and Seniors starts on October 18, 2021.
  5. Sophomores and Freshmen : Enrollment opens on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.
  6. Students can check their hours worked through MyUSAO.
  7. Students should consult with their advisors before the date they are scheduled to enroll to determine the classes they’ll require.

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It’s very simple to log into the portal for students of Oklahoma’s University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.
To Access MyUSAO, open your internet browser and enter the address; You can also click the link to be directed directly to MyUSAO.

Changes in enrollment and withdrawals

Changes to schedules or complete withdrawals from an institution within the specified add-drop period will result the full cost of courses that were that are added, as well as the full credit for courses that are dropped. There will be no refunds following the add-drop period of the session. Any changes to enrollment made after the final day to add or drop must be made at the Registrar’s Office room 204in Troutt Hall.


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