Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes: How to Order The Perfect Size (2022)

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In the mood for your favourite pizza from Pizza Hut? Still, I advise you to read up on them thoroughly before making the trip to their physical location. You’ve come to the perfect place if you, like me, suffer from option paralysis and can’t decide what to eat. This information about pizza sizes, costs, and portions is helpful. You can use this information to determine which size is best for you.

You may get a pizza at Pizza Hut in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. A single person can easily finish up a tiny pizza, often known as a personal pizza. Two individuals may easily split an 8-inch pizza. There are between four and six slices here. The medium pizza, measuring in at around 12 inches, offers about 8 pieces and is good for feeding anywhere from two to four people. Final thought: the giant pizza is around 14 inches in diameter and comes with 12 pieces. You can easily feed four to six people with this.

Was there just too much crammed into one sentence? Wait! Let me construct a table for you that will clarify things.

get a pizza
Size (in inches)8”12”14”
No. of Slices4-6812
Price$9.99$12.49$15.49 to $18.49

Pizza Hut’s costs fluctuate depending on the type of pizza you choose and the area you live in. Check out what the Pizza Hut near you is up to. All other portions and pricing, assuming they maintain the same size, should be within this range. Let’s take a close look at the Pizza Hut pizza sizes available to you right now.

Different Sizes Of Pizza In Pizza Hut That You Can Order

Different Sizes Of Pizza

Pizza Hut offers an abundance of options on their menu. There is an incredible amount of variability in pizza crusts, toppings, and cooking methods. To make things easier, though, they only provide three sizes: Choose between a personal pizza, perfect for a night in, a medium pie, perfect for feeding a couple, or a large pie, perfect for feeding a crowd. Let’s get into more detail about the Pizza Hut pizza dimensions.

How Many Slices Are In A Small Pizza Hut Pizza?

When you order a little pizza from Pizza Hut, you may expect to receive a “personal pizza” from the restaurant. Named thus because it’s suitable for a one-on-one encounter. The pizzas come with eight inches of crust and can be topped with whatever you like. A small or personal pizza from Pizza Hut usually has between four and six slices. If there are less than four slices, keep it all to yourself.

small pizza

If I order a small pizza from Pizza Hut, how many people will it feed?

At Pizza Hut, the little pizza is referred to as a “personal pizza.” Clearly, they are implying that one slice of pizza is all that’s needed for a meal. If, however, you discover that your pizza actually includes 6 slices instead of 4, you might split it with a special someone. To back up my claim, let me mention that adding more slices to your pizza won’t make it bigger. However, the size of each individual slice is diminished. Merely trying to be a nice buddy.

How Many Slices Are In A Medium Pizza Hut Pizza?

In terms of twosomes, the pizza size known as “medium” is your man (or just normal dates). Both crust and topping kinds must still meet the same standards. However, it is significantly larger than a small pizza. Pizza Hut’s medium pie is 12 inches across and often offers eight servings. That way, there’s no need to worry about sneaking the fourth slice off the plate (the beauty of even numbers).

Medium Pizza Hut Pizza

A medium pizza from Pizza Hut serves approximately how many people?

The medium pizza from Pizza Hut offers enough food for two people to share (coughs date cough). Due to the even quantity of pizzas and individuals, dividing them out is as simple as pie (so long as nobody steals any). Do it, but be stealthy about it.

How many servings does a large pizza from Pizza Hut have?

large pizza from Pizza Hut

The pizza for your intimate family meal is here. Of course, you can choose from a variety of crusts and toppings. The giant pizza at Pizza Hut is roughly 14 inches in diameter and is cut into about 12 pieces. This number of slices is perfect for a casual pizza night in with the family. Not everyone will like the same toppings, but there will be plenty of pizza for everyone.

How Many People Can A Large Pizza Hut Pizza Feed?

A 12 slice pizza from Pizza Hut may feed anywhere from four to six people. The large pizza can easily feed four people, as the recommended serving size for an adult is three slices. Six individuals can eat peacefully off of one giant pizza if they are ready to sacrifice a piece each.

Here Are the Costs of a Few of Pizza Hut’s Most Well-Liked Pizzas

Like I said before, Pizza Hut offers a wide selection. Many varieties of tasty pizzas are available, each with its own unique dough and list of toppings. I wish I could tell you about every item on their menus, but there simply isn’t enough time. That’s something we can talk about later.

I have chosen a few of Pizza Hut’s most well-liked pies and will detail their pricing structures and available topping combinations below. Here is a quick rundown of the prices at your local Pizza Hut. Now, I’d want to start out with a list of some of the most well-liked pizzas from Pizza Hut.

1. Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza

Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Meat Lover’s Pizza lives up to its name. Besides beef, pepperoni, ham, pig, Italian sausage, bacon, and cinghiale can be found atop this pizza. Imaginable, right? Only the Meat Lover’s pan pizza is available in a small/personal size, although it also comes in medium and large. Find below a price and size breakdown for the Meat Lover’s pizza.

Meat Lover’s Pizza

SizesHand TossedPan PizzaThin ‘N’ CrispyStuffed CrustSkinny Slice

2. Pizza Hut BBQ Lover’s Pizza

Pizza Hut BBQ Lover’s Pizza

Is the charred, smokey-tasting meat more appealing to you than the fried, chewy meat? If so, the Pizza Hut BBQ Lover’s pizza is a must-try! Meat, poultry, and vegetables have all been barbecued and piled high. Like eating a pizza that was grilled over charcoal (well, almost). Its pricing is listed below.

BBQ Lover’s Pizza

SizesHand TossedPan PizzaThin ‘N’ CrispyStuffed CrustSkinny Slice

3. Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

How could we possibly discuss America’s favorite pizza without mentioning pepperoni? Those who haven’t had pepperoni before need an introduction. Each and every one of us enjoy eating and enjoying it. In response to their calls for food, Pizza Hut developed a variety of pepperoni pizzas. See below for Pizza Hut’s pepperoni pizza pricing and serving size information.

Pepperoni Pizza

SizesHand TossedPan PizzaThin ‘N’ CrispyStuffed CrustSkinny Slice

4. Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

Pizza Hut’s cheese pizza is the pie for you if you’re a fan of the ultimate cheese-pull-in pizza. It’s bursting at the seams with delicious cheese, just the right amount to melt and melt and melt. The costs for all Pizza Hut cheese pizzas are listed below.

Cheese Pizza

SizesHand TossedPan PizzaThin ‘N’ CrispyStuffed CrustSkinny Slice

5. Pizza Hut Veggie Lover’s Pizza

Pizza Hut Veggie Lover’s Pizza

The vegan community should not feel excluded. Pizza Hut has produced special vegetarian and vegan pizzas because they know the feeling of being left out is real. Cheese, for the maximum cheese pull, is included on the veggie pizza. Pizzas are available for those who have decided to abstain from all animal products. Everything yummy and everything vegan goes into their creation. Planning to give them a shot? Have a look at the table below for the costs.

Veggie Lover’s Pizza

SizesHand TossedPan PizzaThin ‘N’ CrispyStuffed CrustSkinny Slice

Guide for Placing a Pizza Order for a Small or Large Group

In order to save money and avoid food waste, it is crucial to know how to place an order for a large gathering. When placing a pizza order, there are a few things I think you should keep in mind.

  • It’s common sense that a personal pizza wouldn’t cut it for a large gathering. It’s perfect for one or two people, but not more. When there are more than two people present, they are considered a group. Even if there are only three of you, a medium pizza will be plenty to eat. In fact, even if there are only four of you, a medium pizza will be more than enough food. We’ll order a huge pizza if the number goes higher.
  • Pizza may be divided into bite-sized pieces using some shrewd slice-wise planning. In this manner, you can estimate how many pizzas to order. You’re going to need some Math on your side. According to these numbers, adults eat three slices while children have two. See how many slices there are in a pizza (using the table I provided) and do the math from there. Go back up the page and then come back here.
  • Combining and matching flavours – These days, not everyone has to enjoy the same pizza. Therefore, the person who places the lowest order can get a little pizza, while the person who places the highest order can get a large pizza. Things line up nicely.

Some of the things I think you should know before placing an impulsive order are those I just mentioned. Keep these guidelines handy for the end-of-the-month pizza party you’re planning (cough broke).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many People Does A Small Pizza Feed?

If you’re just one person, the mini pizza will do. Since it’s dubbed a “personal pizza,” it’s ideal for one-on-one dinners. However, two individuals may use it at the same time.

In what number of people can a medium pizza serve?

The 8 slices that make up a Pizza Hut medium pizza are perfect for a family of two or four. If you’re splitting it with someone else, you’ll each get half. If there are four people eating it, each person will get two slices.

How many individuals can a large pizza comfortably serve?

Pizza Hut’s big pizza is good for feeding four to six people and comprises roughly 12 slices. Three slices is a perfect serving size for adults, and if you’re sharing with four people, that’s exactly what you’ll get. If there are six people eating the pizza, each will get two slices.

Can You Please Tell Me the Size of a 12 Inch Pizza?

A pizza that is 12 inches in diameter can be cut into 8 slices, making it a Medium pizza. A 12-inch pizza has an approximate surface area of 113.04 square inches.

The typical pizza size is five people, right?

The standard pizza size is 12 inches in diameter and 8 slices. Two to four people can easily share this pizza. It’s an ideal size with no downsides.

How big is a pizza that serves a family of four?

A family of six can easily share a pizza of the “Family size,” which measures roughly 14 inches in diameter. It serves four to six people and includes 12 servings.

How big is Pizza Hut’s large pizza?

Pizza Hut’s giant pie has a diameter of 14 inches and is divided into 12 pieces. If we’re talking square inches, a large pizza has an area of roughly 190.


It seems like I’ve exhausted the topic of Pizza Hut’s various pie dimensions. Now that you’ve been cast out into the wide world of pizza, you’re on your own. I’ll be right here to guide you as you navigate the thick sauces and numerous garnishes. I’ll see you again next time with more entertaining and enlightening material (ahem self-promotion). For the time being, I hope you enjoy your pizza hopping.

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