R vs Stata: Which One is Best For Data Analysis?

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Are you confused about R Stata vs Stata? Are you aware of the difference between STATA compares to R is? If you’re a Computer science or programming student, then you have probably have heard of the two language programming programs R as well as STATA. However, if you’re an absolute beginner or are new in programming, then you could be confused by the two languages of programming.

If, however, you are trying to determine the difference of STATA as well as R and are trying to decide the most suitable one, then you’re at the right spot. Continue reading! In this article, we will discuss STATA and R, as well as their characteristics so that you can choose the best one.

Before we dive to a deeper analysis, let’s take a glance at the basics of both languages.

What is STATA?

Stata can be described as one of the more well-known and widely used statistical programs all over the world.

It’s utilized to analyze, manage and create a graphic representation of data.

The main purpose for Stata is to analyse patterns of data.

Researchers are making use of Stata to study biomedicine, economics, as well as the field of political science.

As with a handful of other programs provides the command line, as well as the user interface with graphics that enhances its performance.

It was founded in the year 1985 by StataCorp.

Stata is one of the most powerful software for statistics. That’s the reason it is in use across more than 180 nations across the globe.

A plethora of researchers and professionals trust this program.

What is R?

Programming in R is among the most powerful and reliable languages for statistics worldwide.

It is utilized for graphs and statistics.

It provides top-quality graphics, interfaces with other languages, as well as the ability to debug.

R is referred to as the successor to the S language.

It was developed in the late 1980s and was adopted by the vast majority of statistical groups around the world.

The officially released version of R was in 1995.

The main reason behind the creation the software R was to enable academic statisticians to carry out complicated statistical analyses of data.

R is originated in the beginnings of the two names of developers, i.e., Ross Ihala and Robert Gentleman. Both were connected to and the University of Auckland when they created R.

STATA vs R: Popularity

The graph below shows the level of interest in STATA and R for people.

The graph above shows the enthusiasm of those who are interested who are interested in STATA and R over the past five years. As you can see on the graph there has been little interest in STATA over the last five years. However, R is still popular when compared to STATA.

R Vs STATA: Strengths and Weaknesses


Wide range of functions (Over 2 000 packages)Safe and long-lasting due to the large as well as active developers community.New statistical methods are swiftly implemented.All popular platform platforms can be supported such as macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.Powerful and flexible scripting languages, due to its support for the object-oriented programming.Easy for automation and integration easily with Git, LaTeX, ODBC, Apache Hadoop, etc.Available comprehensive help and support resources for free A broad range of functions are available. Nearly every method for calculating statistics is available within STATA.Easily accessible via STATA’s GUI.Compatible with other versions. Can be automated. Available on Windows, Unix, macOSInvestment security is guaranteed by a three-year release cycle. Excellent assistance provided by the STATA community, as well as the vast documentation.


The need for powerful hardware is paramount to work with huge information sets.Familiarity working with R syntax is an obstacle to entry. Integration with other programs is burdensome.A little slow in implementing new ways of working (version updates)

Let’s discover the fundamental distinction in STATA as well as R.

R vs Stata

Ease of Learning

It can be difficult for students studying statistics to learn R from beginning to finish.

It’s not easy for anyone to master an entirely new programming language if they do not have prior experience with programming.

However, you can master R by using several free resources provided by R.

R is an open source programming language. It also is a community for developers that allows anyone to display their skills.

In addition they could also assist one another in case of an issue in R code. R code.

In contrast it is a lot easier to learn Stata is not difficult in comparison to R.

Since learning to use software is always simpler than learning the programming language from scratch.

Similar to the R programming language, Stata also offers community assistance to users.

Through their community support You can also find others who can help you with Stata issues.

Additionally there are experts within their group can guide you learn Stata.

Stata provides extensive education support for users via tutorials, blogs, webinars journals, training, and so on.

Online Support

As we’ve already mentioned, R is an open-source programming language. This means that it’s accessible to everyone.

This means that you will not be able to get an official source of support to this R program language.

However, you can get help in using R through its documentation as well as community support journals, manuals and more.

In contrast, Stata is a paid software, and all paid software is renowned for its support via the internet or after-sales service.

Stata provides extensive support to its customers, from online assistance as well as FAQs and documentation videos, tutorials and web-based resources. Stata news, and even webinars.

You won’t run running out of resources when using Stata. Stata software.


R is free to everyone. It requires installation via the internet and you can use R without paying any money to anyone.

In contrast Stata’s cost begins with $179.00 per year, per user.

Stata provides different versions to students and education, government and business.

It also offers the latest purchase renewal, upgrade and renewal package.

The license is further broken down into 2 categories, i.e. one-user multi-user and site license.


R has a wide range of updates that are released regularly and you can find the most recent version of R at its official website.

In addition, R also provides updates on its software which allow you to keep up-to-date with the current data science world.

In addition, Stata also gets the most recent update for a one-year period.

You can download the latest update by downloading Stata’s licensed version. Stata.

STATA VS R: Applications

Applications Of R

  • The main use of R is for descriptive statistics. It’s utilized to summarise the most important characteristics that the information. In addition R can also be used to perform other functions, such as the measurement of variability, skewness and central tendency.
  • R is among the most well-known tools used for data analysis that is exploratory. It’s one of the most effective data visualization libraries, which is also known as ggplot2.
  • R offers the most efficient method of analyzing continuous as well as discrete probability distributions.
  • It also lets you perform hypothesis testing, which could be utilized to verify statistical models.
  • It’s easy to organize data and preprocessing of data in R using its tidyverse program.
  • Eshiny can be described as the best interactive web-based application software package available in R. You can utilize Eshiny to create interactive web applications that are able to be embedded into websites.
  • It is also possible to create predictive models using R which work by the use algorithmic machine learning to can help you identify new events in the near future.

Applications Of STATA

  • Stata is a user-friendly GUI. It’s easy to use due to its use of the point-and-click GUI.
  • Stata’s GUI provides options and dialogue boxes. Through the dialog box, customers are able to gain access to a variety of options, i.e., data management, data analysis along with statistical analysis.
  • Stata is a programming and developer-friendly due to its Command Line feature. The command line comes with an array of capabilities that permit developers to type in commands and execute them. The commands will be able to respond and display the results in result windows.
  • Stata provides a variety of sophisticated components that allow users to work more efficiently. It is possible to use an editor for data to help you analyze live data when using the functions and operations.
  • It also provides the ability to manage data that allows you to control over the data sets. It is possible to link the sets of data together and then reshape them using Stata.
  • Additionally, you can make graphs using stat more efficiently. Stata lets you create graphs in two ways: the first involves clicking and pointing, while the other one requires the help of the command line. When using Command Line, you’ll need to create a script which continuously generates many graphs. These graphs can be used for printing, publications and export. It supports a variety of file formats , such as EPS, TIF, PNG as well as SVG. You can also edit your graph inside Stata by using the graph editor within Stata.

Which businesses use STATA as well as R?

The following are companies making use of STATA along with R;

Urban InstituteBrookings InstitutionGeorge Mason UniversityThe American Red CrossChamber of Commerce Of The United States Of America Facebook GoogleTwitterMicrosoftUberAirbnb

R vs Stata: Jobs and Salary


  • Economic Consultant- $73,985
  • Data Analysts- $63,607
  • Research Analysts- $56,071
  • Economist- $97,190
  • Assistant Professor of Economics- $84,500


  • Data Scientist- $89,060
  • Statistician- $71,967
  • Biostatistician- $72,247
  • Data Analyst- $61,271


Today we’ve seen the detailed comparison of R Stata and R. Stata.

R is an programming language that permits you to do much more than what you could do with Stata. Stata.

I’d like you to suggest R to data scientists if you have basic understanding of coding or are comfortable with the code environment.

However If you do have code knowledge but no expertise, you should select Stata instead of R.

It is a breeze to use and anybody can make use of it.

The beginner needs only an initial training session to be able to make use of it as a professional.

However, if money is an issue yours, select R.

You can gain a great control over R by following only a few months of training.

The program will cost some dollars, but it will enable you to learn the language free for the rest of your life.

It’s up to you which one you would prefer to choose between R Stata and Stata.

Is STATA more efficient over the R?

STATA required 67.25 seconds to write a file comprising 458 MB of text, whereas R required 72.93 seconds to accomplish the identical. But, STATA exports 8% more quickly than R.

What is STATA Cost?

STATA pricing begins from $48.00 annually. STATA is not available in the free version, however it offers trial for free.


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