Should Pregnant Women Wear Agarwood Bracelet or Not?

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The use of brass rings to enhance health support and reduce stress has been applied by the ancients for a long time. At that time, Agarwood could be considered an ancient aromatic herb used by our forefathers, in addition, Agarwood was also thought to be a spiritual weapon to help ward off evil spirits, bad luck was an amulet to bring good luck. good luck to humans. Although Agarwood brings a lot of uses, it is not suitable for pregnant women to wear agarwood bracelets. Join AgelShop to answer the question “Should pregnant women wear agarwood bracelets or not” for nursing mothers through the article below.

1. What is Agarwood Ring?

Agarwood (scientific name is Aquilaria malaccensis) is a precious wood formed from wounds appearing on the trunk of the tree. However, not every tree can produce them. Therefore, the precious Tram is even rarer.

Let’s learn a little bit about the origin of the Agarwood ring. Brass rings are created by artisans from bass blocks. These agarwood blocks, after going through the process of forming essential oils for decades, will be selected by jewelry makers, choosing potential Agarwood blocks to make Agarwood rings. From the precious raw pearl of nature thanks to the honing of skilled craftsmen, it becomes a treasure that brings a lot of value to the wearer.

Should pregnant women wear agarwood bracelet
Should pregnant women wear agarwood bracelets?

In nature, there are some species of Do Bau tree, in the process of development due to the impact of nature, the tree is infected with a type of mold. Before infection, the heartwood is odorless and pale in color. However, when the infection process occurs, the do Bau tree secretes a special aromatic resin to protect itself and heal the wound. Over time, up to tens of years, even hundreds of years, the injured place will form sediment.

2. Should pregnant women wear agarwood bracelets or not?

Agarwood has many high health values, the most typical is reducing stress, creating comfort, specializing in treating diseases of pain, chest tightness, insomnia… In addition, Agarwood also helps relieve stress, relax thanks to the special gentle scent of agarwood. Thereby, we can see that wearing a brass ring is extremely good for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women are very prone to stress, insomnia, discomfort due to unusual pain, if wearing a brass ring on their hands will help reduce stress somewhat as well as play the role of feng shui as a protective charm. Household brings luck to mother and baby. Reducing the mother’s discomfort also contributes to the maximum development of the fetus, making both mother and baby healthy.

Should pregnant women wear agarwood bracelets or not

3. Notes when using Agarwood with pregnant women

A treasure only works as well as effectively when used correctly. The same goes for Agarwood, it is not always good for pregnant women to use Agarwood. Here are some basic notes when using Agarwood:

Firstly, you should avoid using Agarwood incense, Agarwood incense, or other burning methods to create odors in the first 3 months because the fetus is still weak in the first trimester, unpleasant odors will affect pregnancy. But in return, wearing a bracelet does not affect you at all, so you can still use a bracelet or other low jewelry.

Second, you should not abuse too much Agarwood smoke to relax because it can cause allergies and a prolonged runny nose.

The third is to combine Agarwood with anaerobic exercises such as yoga, light walking or lying down, to let the body heal, the use of Agarwood will be better for pregnant women.

4. Conclusion

Thereby, we can see that wearing a brass ring during pregnancy is completely normal, not only that, but it is also very good to help bring comfort to the mother to eat, relax, and create nutrition for the baby. And part of it is also an amulet to help mother and pregnancy dispel bad luck, protect mother and baby in a successful and healthy birth. AgelShop( hopes that the above article, has been somewhat helpful for future mothers.

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