Tableau vs Spotfire – Which One is Better?

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In the present, many companies in every industry are working hard to stay ahead of the pack by increasing profits. Data mining is among the most effective methods to do this, since it can help identify patterns, trends and forecast the future. This is among the main reasons that there is a surge in the BI (Business intelligence) software market grew by $22.78 billion in 2017. It is predicted that BI’s annual growth rate could rise to 10.4 percent by 2026.

Tableau as well as TIBCO Spotfire are both the most well-known names well-known for their BI software. Both are designed to allow use BI even for people who are not IT experts. If you’re the one who is looking to purchase any among the Business Intelligence software for their company, deciding between the two is a daunting decision for you. In this article, we’ve highlighted the most useful comparisons between Tableau and Spotfire. This can help you choose the best BI software.

What is Tableau?

Tableau considers itself an exploration tool and a powerful data discovery tool that allows users to make use of drag-and-drop interface. With this, actions such as visualizing data, combining databases, and examining multiple options are easily accomplished. There isn’t a need to write any scripts that are complicated. After you have completed the analysis then share the results by publishing them on Tableau. Tableau server.

What is TIBCO Spotfire?

It is among the top analytics platforms for enterprises that can be utilized to extract valuable information about companies. Spotfire is a versatile and intelligent tool that provides prescriptive analytics as well as data visualizations that are useful to analyze business data. Additionally it is a TIBCO tool is a highly effective dashboard, and is among the most interactive analytical tools that are interactive and interactive.

What is the HTML0 capabilities that are offered through Tableau along with TIBCO Spotfire?

Tableau Features Spotfire Features
The following list contains a variety of native data connectors Content Analytics
Share dashboards, mobile-ready dashboards, dashboard comments, interactive dashboards Big Data Analytics
Tableau Reader function for data viewing Predictive Analytics
Transform each query into visuals Event Analytics
Automatic updates Location Analytics
Toggle view and Drag-drop feature Analytics and dashboards
Highlight & filter data Data discovery & visualization
Notifications about data An advanced collaborative tool

A table that compares the features of Tableau against Spotfire

Features Tableau Spotfire
Dashboard support Good Good
Scripts Programming in R JavaScript
Database Enhanced Good
Modeling of data No No
Visual controls and UI Best Very nice
Customization No No

Which are the target sectors and the customers targeted by Tableau as well as TIBCO Spotfire?

Agriculture and science Manufacturing
Media Education
Utilities and energy Telecommunications
Public sector Financial services
Healthcare HR
Consumer goods Retail
IT Logistics/transportation

Who is the Power User of Tableau vs Spotfire?

Tableau Power User Spotfire Power User
Deloitte Cisco
Dell Shell
SpaceX Proctor and Gamble
Coca-Cola NetApp

Comparison Table: Tableau vs Spotfire

Tableau Spotfire
Tableau’s supplier is Tableau which focuses on Data Analytics and BI products or Business intelligence tools that aid in empowering people and helping to librate the data. The TIBCO has been developed from various technologies into a variety of business services that primarily concentrate on BIs.
Tableau is versatile tool that can provide a range of BI (Business intelligence) tools to enhance the results of data and make discoveries. TIBCO Spotfire is a great choice for businesses that wish to improve its customer experience, sales and marketing strategies.
Utilizing the feature’s drag and drop assistance users can analyse and view the data, design reports and visualizations, and distribute various reports across the organization. TIBCO Spotfire allows users to identify the root of a business problem. It also identifies patterns or trends in various markets.
There is an integrated integration with Tableau Desktop with R. TIBCO Spotfire is regarded as the best tool for providing assistance for various integrations.
Tableau’s products are utilized in many businesses, including Banks and healthcare facilities education, as well as other major industries. TIBCO Spotfire can be used in small and large companies like infrastructure businesses, Healthcare, and so on.
Users can reach out to all sorts of experienced users by using various visualization tools. TIBCO Spotfire helps in performing statistical analyses since it allows you to run reports and analyses in a predetermined sequence of time.
Tableau is expensive for small businesses, and provides excellent learning curves for various executive teams. TIBCO Spotfire is not a simple way of gathering the relevant data and to customize visualizations. It cannot solve the technical issues.
The cost of the personnel package is for Tableau Online is $42/user per month. The price for Tableau Desktop is $35/user/month, and for Tableau Server is $35/user/month. The TIBCO offers a $200/month and $2,000/year cost for subscriptions to Cloud versions, which includes 250GB of space.
Tableau offers four levels of service to its customers, such as the elite program, technical support as well as a complimentary OEM program. There is an TIBCO Spotfire Forum for Spotfire users, which is always available to assist them with Spotfire questions.
Ownership of the Tableau Software is the public.. Spotfire is not a provider of public ownership. It only provides exclusiveownership to individuals.
It provides a variety of options for consulting and a range of solutions. It has a variety of methods for implementation such as the architecture service, analytics implementation as well as a center of analytics excellence.
The primary benefits of Tableau are the various data connections and collaboration tools, including secure collaboration, drag-and-drop integration, mobile-optimized designs and a myriad of data connectors. The primary benefits of TIBCO Spotfire is the ability of editing information, load more complex data in Salesforce connectors, and more.
It has an automated storytelling function that is available in Tableau Desktop to enhance the user experience. TIBCO Spotfire doesn’t have any feature for automatic storytelling however, it is done by hand.

Bottom Line about Tableau vs Spotfire

There is no doubt about that Tableau as well as TIBCO Spotfire are to be among the top and most well-known software programs to use for BI (Business Intelligence). The creators have created these two tools to provide BI to non-IT-savvy users. This blog provides all the information needed regarding Tableau and Spotfire that will help to determine what BI analytical tools (tool) can benefit you. The users can choose one of them based on their needs or to suit different industries.
If a user decides to use Spotfire and is unsure: Is Spotfire superior to Tableau is it better than Tableau? the answer may be different. Tableau comes with its own features which provide superior visualization for graphs, reports and dashboards. However, TIBCO Spotfire provides good quality visualizations in comparison against the other types of business intelligences (or business Intelligences). Therefore, it is dependent on the needs of the user, pick one carefully and boost your business’s growth by using these tools. If you have any questions, leave us a comment in the our comment section below. We’ll be happy to assist you in addressing your concerns. Also, you can get the top assistance with your homework from our professionals.


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