The course and rules of Letrozole

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Letrozole is one of the most popular anti-estrogen drugs among similar products. This aromatase inhibitor is also not a steroid. Many powerlifters and bodybuilders prefer to buy Letrozol in Ukraine, and it is recommended for both men and women. Initially, the product was developed to combat female oncological diseases and gynecomastia.


The Unique Benefits of Letrozole


This anti-estrogen drug has gained popularity among athletes for a reason. Compared to other nonsteroidal agents with similar effects, Lethrozol is-


•high efficiency;


•maximum safety;


•Long-term action – this is the most important positive factor: even after the end of the course, the accumulated muscle mass does not disappear.


The peculiarity of the product is its ability to “bind” to estrogen synthetase receptors. Therefore, the active ingredient is able to effectively inhibit peripheral estrogen production in fatty tissue. Thus, the product not only neutralizes the female hormone in the male body, but also significantly accelerates muscle mass gain and improves skin condition.


Letrozole in bodybuilding


Considering all the aforementioned qualities of this drug, its popularity among athletes is understandable. When taking an anabolic designed to help you build muscle more intensively, it is essential to neutralize the side effects that inevitably accompany most steroids.


The use of letrozole achieves the following effects-


•by blocking the body’s production of estrogen;


•prevent excess fluid, gynecomastia;


•normalization of blood pressure;


•Strengthening muscles, promoting muscle density;


•the stimulation of endogenous production of testosterone by the body;


•increased endurance and accelerated recovery after workouts.


One of the additional effects of using the product is its ability to stimulate spermatogenesis. Cure Letrozole product is recommended for use in bodybuilding specifically by men. In women, it can be used as a supplement in the treatment of oncological diseases, endometriosis and infertility. However, Letrozol is most often prescribed by doctors after menopause.


Contraindications to use


Before taking Letrozole, you should consult your doctor or an experienced trainer. By neutralizing the production of estrogen to avoid adverse effects, the product suppresses its positive qualities, which can affect heart function. Therefore, Letrozole should not be used in patients with cardiovascular disease. It is also not recommended for athletes with marked hepatic impairment.


The use of sports drugs is well known around the world. These means are able to speed up the achievement of results, so there is no need to doubt their quality. A well-designed course of powerful steroids can build up to 8 kg of muscle mass. At the same time, heavy steroids, especially when used in excessive doses, almost always cause serious side effects. The purchase of letrozole makes it possible to avoid this type of evolution. It is enough to place an order on the website, where original products are available at favorable prices. Prompt delivery will allow you to pass the TBS without delay.


Optimal Dosage of Letrozol for Bodybuilders


This preparation is widely recognized by bodybuilders, and they actively use it to maintain the body in good shape after the next course of strong anabolics. Before you start a course, you need to understand the specifics of it. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage prescribed by the doctor. The usual dosage is up to 3 mg per day if the goal is to build muscle, and only 0.5 to 2.5 mg if the level of estrogen in the blood is decreased. If the dosage is increased, it can lead to deterioration of the sexual system. Letrozole from a reputable manufacturer will be an additional guarantee of the quality of the drug.


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