List of Top 10 CIGARETTES Brands in India

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A cigarette is a type of tobacco contained in a tube made of white paper that is smoked by people. The cigarette is ignited on the one end, which causes it to smoke, and the smoke is then breathed through the other end. Cigarette manufacturers have defined the Cigarette as A system of drug administration for the distribution of nicotine in an appealing and acceptable form.

Smoking refers to taking in and exhaling the smoke of burning plant matter. There are a variety of plant substances that are smoked, such as Marijuana and hashish. However, smoking is usually connected with tobacco. It is typically smoked in a cigarette pipe or cigar. Cigars differ from a cigar due to their size and the absence of leaf that has been processed and wrapping paper, which is usually white.

Smoking can cause heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, stroke as well as diabetes, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) that including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Smoking can also increase the risk of developing tuberculosis and various eye disorders, as well as issues with your immune system such as the rheumatoid joint.

Let us learn the top 10 cigarettes manufacturers in India:

Top 10 Cigarettes Brands in India

Wills Classic Mild


Wills can be described as an Indian brand of cigarettes that is currently manufactured and owned by ITC Limited, however, it is advertised as the classic filters cigarettes of the kings. It is a brand of cigarettes with several variations. The brand experienced a rise between 1979-91. In the latter part of the 1990s, the image was modified to become more liberal and global.

The size of the cigarette was increased from 83 millimeters to 84 mm, and the diameter increased from 24.5 millimeters up to 14.75 mm. In the year 2000, The brand launched new varieties such as Classic verve, a slim cigarette, Classic Menthol Rush, Classic Riviera Whiff with flavors consisting of Orange and Lemon, Classic Kafeato, Classic Taste treasures with a new tea flavor.

In the second decade in the decade, 2000s Classic introduced an assortment of flavor combinations such as Classic Tangy twist Classic Citric Twist, as well as classic clove. These flavors provide an alternative to brands from overseas for the Indian population. It is among the top 10 cigarettes brands within India.



Gold Flake is an iconic Indian Cigarette brand that has been available for more than 100 years. This brand is manufactured by ITC. Gold Flake was introduced in the 1970s. It is available in many different variants such as Gold Flake kings (84mm), Gold flake kings lights (84mm), Gold Flake along with Gold Flake Lights.

Gold Flake refers to cigarettes that are made from bright, dark Golden Tobacco. Gold flake is mostly available in India. The cigarette was sold to countries such as Canada, Jamaica, Ireland, and in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, South Africa, the Palestinian territories, Nepal, Pakistan, and Malaysia.

Gold Flake was the main sponsor of the Gold flake Open Tennis Tournament from 1997 to 2001. The cost of the brand has gone up to Rs.150 for 10 packs. It is among the top 10 brands for cigarettes in India.


Navy CUT

Navy Cut is an Indian brand of cigarette manufactured and owned by ITC Limited. This brand was first launched in 1910. Navy cut is among the first filters for Indian cigarettes. The year 1910 was the time that ITC Limited commenced its operation in Kolkata. Navy Cut is mainly sold in India.

Navy Cut is also sold in countries like the United Kingdom, Kuwait, and Pakistan. It was initially produced by W.D. & H.O. wills from the United Kingdom. It is among the most sought-after Cigarette Brands in India.

Four Square

Four Square

Godfrey Philips India Limited is a manufacturer of tobacco. The company’s headquarters is in India. The company manufactures and markets cigarettes, tobacco for smoking, and cigars. The company offers the most well-known brands of cigarettes across the nation like Four square, red as well as white Cavender’s Tipper as well as North pole.

Godfrey Philips is one of the biggest FMCG firms in the nation. It has an annual turnover of more than 6400 Crores. The company is been named 29th on the list of India’s Top Companies to Work for in 2020 ahead of the 37 places it was in this year. Foursquare is among the brands owned by Godfrey Philips India Limited. It is among the top 10 brands of cigarettes in India.



Insignia Cigarette is managed and owned through ITC which is located in India. The brand is known for its smooth, smooth flavor. The elegant packaging of the cigarettes is a popular option for corporate customers. The cost of Insignia tobacco is more than other brands on the market. The price of this cigarette is expensive and is priced at around Rs.290 for 20 packs. It is among the top 10 brands of cigarettes in India.



Charms cigarettes are produced in the UK by VST Industries limited. VST Industries limited is a public conglomerate with its headquarters in Hyderabad, India. The company produces and distributes cigarettes. The company was founded as the Vazir Sultan tobacco business. The industry was discovered on the 10th of November of 1930.

The revenue of the company amounts to the US $117.9 million. The second-largest manufacturer of cigarettes in India. VST Industries also operates under the brands that include Total, Charms, Charminar, editions, Special, and Moments. It is among the top 10 brands of cigarettes in India.



Cavenders was founded in 1775. The brand is produced through Godfrey Philips India Limited. The rich history and tradition of Cavanders date back to the time when sailors were the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking. The vast product selection and the presence across India continue to please and delight customers from all over the world.

Through its existence in India Cavenders has been a brand that Cavanders has recognized the requirements of its loyal customers and continues to satisfy the value-conscious customers with innovative products and new flavors. Cavender’s is among the top 10 brands of cigarettes in India.


MARLBORO - Best Selling CIGARETTE Brand in India

Marlboro is among the most well-known trademarks across all consumer goods. It has been the world’s top-selling international brand since. Marlboro is a brand that has been around since 1972. Marlboro is especially loved by urban adults with affluence and prefers high-end brand names and merchandise from international companies.

The brand is available in India, Marlboro is available in a variety of variants, including Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold Original, Marlboro Gold Advance, Marlboro Fuse Beyond, Marlboro Fine Touch, Marlboro clove Mix, and the new Marlboro Compact collection. The Marlboro brand is produced in India by Godfrey Philips India Limited. Godfrey produces and distributes the iconic brand Marlboro under a licensing contract together with Philips Morris. Marlboro is among the top 10 cigarettes brands in India.

Panama Cigarettes


Panama Cigarettes is the most popular line that is owned by Golden Tobacco Limited. Global Tobacco Limited main principal task is to manufacture and sell cigarettes as well as processed tobacco. Global Tobacco Limited has world-class manufacturing factories situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Vadodara in Gujarat.

The company is home to an entire printing press for the production of packaging materials. The company produces brands such as Panama, Flair, chancellor, Esquire, Legend, and Burton. Global Tobacco Limited was established in 1930, by Narsee Monjee. Global Tobacco Limited is among the top 10 brands of cigarettes in India.



Scissors Cigarettes are produced in India by ITC brands. ITC is the leading brand of smoking cigarettes across India. ITC’s cigarettes are made in modern factories in Bengaluru, Munger, Saharanpur, Kolkata, and Pune equipped with the latest technology and best methods of work that are benchmarked against the highest standards worldwide. It is among the top 10 brands of cigarettes in India.


What Cigarette brand is the most popular?

1. Marlboro
2. Gold Flake
3. Navy Cut

The most expensive tobacco in India?

Wills Insignia is America’s highest-priced smoke.

Which is the top-selling smoking cigarette?

Marlboro is the top-selling brand of cigarettes.

Which are your top 10 cigarettes brands around the world?

1. Marlboro
2. Davidoff
3. Camel
4. Parliament
5. Dunhill
6. Lucky Strike
7. Pall Mall
8. Benson & Hedges
9. Gold Flake
10. Insignia

Which is the country that smokes the most?

Kiribati is home to the highest rates of smoking worldwide at 52.40 percent.

How many cigarettes are considered safe?

Even small amounts of blood cause damage to your blood vessels, making the blood more likely to form clots. This can lead to strokes, heart attacks, as well as sudden deaths, King states. “We are aware that smoking 1 to 4 cigarettes per day increases your risk of being diagnosed with heart disease.”

Which country has the smallest number of smokers?

Sweden is the country with the lowest number of smokers.

How do I quit smoking quickly?

1. Try Nicotine replacement therapy.
2. Learn About Prescription Pills
3. Avoid Alcohol and Other Triggers
4. Clean House
5. Try and Try Again
6. Get Moving
7. Eat Fruits and Veggies


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