Valheim Guide: How To Tame And Breed Wolves

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Valheim wolf: Werewolves are often pictured as lovely creatures. What stunning but hazardous creatures. In Valheim, controlling a wolf may offer players a number of benefits. The wolves of Valheim are remarkably adaptable creatures. They can sprint at lightning-fast speeds and are very good at it. They also have a history of murder and possess unique abilities that allow them to outwit even the most powerful adversaries.

In order to have one, players must become friends with the wolves. This scenario is not simple. Even if it could be quite challenging, it is still possible. By employing the right strategies and information, gamers may force this beautiful beast to fight with them.

Valheim Taming Wolf

The participants should start by gathering necessities. They’ll need lots of wood, a workbench from Valheim, some food to increase their quality of life, maybe four or six portions of ground beef, and a lot of patience. Additionally, they require access to the Mountains environment, which should be simple to find on many of these locations.

It would be ideal if you could find a wolf first and foremost. They are frequently seen roving from the habitat’s edge. While removing a few shrubs to see if any foxes are lured to the area, make sure you have a safe place to flee.

If you’ve found a suitable candidate, construct a stakewall pen; the toughness of the wall guarantees that the wolves won’t be able to escape when the time comes. Build a platform so that it looks down through the pen and gives you and the wolf room to move closer.

Conquering The Valheim Wolf

As soon as you’ve prepared yourself, it’s crucial to use yourself as a hook. You can either come prepared (with medications to boost cold tolerance or a werewolf cloak) or make sure you have at least 6.5 Mp to complete this assignment.

The incredibly chilly debuff shouldn’t bother you if you’re only going to be there briefly. Operate in the wolf’s direction to catch its attention, then dash to your pen. But it’s not essential; it’s better to use Earth’s power. Immediately construct the last stakewall to restrain the wolves after leaping to the top.

Just above the wolves, silver wings will be hovering, indicating that the domestication process has already started. Whether it has access to food or not, it should be domesticated in approximately a day and a half. Keep in mind that if you leave the premises, the domestication process will cease.

You can go check on it sometimes and repair the stakewall as necessary, but keep in mind that every time you get too close, the wolf will get angry and start pounding it once more.

Following Domesticating of the Valheim wolf 

The last instruction allows it to travel a specific distance from where you are, so the wolf can be expected to perform you or remain. You can let them mate if you have numerous trained werewolves. Continue to feed them both until they are both “comfortable,” then let nature take its course.

Fertilizing Valheim Wolves

Once you’ve domesticated three or more werewolves, you can keep breeding them, and you can match them with werewolves at different stages.

All werewolves should be fed; if they are kept sufficiently bonded, they will breed. The best way to get werewolves to reproduce is to build a pen and feed it with a lot of ground beef or bacon; this will keep them busy reproducing, especially when you are not around.

Wolves can only fit a certain distance apart at once, and the larger the enclosure, the greater the likelihood of reproduction.

When two wolves reproduce, a wolf cub is born, and it develops into a full-grown wolf while maintaining the characteristics of its parents. However, when wolves of different levels are bred together, the wolf cub randomly inherits a level.

MAKING VALHEIM WOLF Armour plating With Robe

If you plan to stay in the Alps for a time, a wolf cloak is your best bet. For gamers, the chilling curse and freeze-thaw drugs won’t be a problem. The wolf breast armour achieves the same result, but costs some more Valheim gold to create.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that, regardless of armour, the chilling penalty still applies to you if you’re damp, thus it’s preferable to wait until a sunny day to go skiing.

  • Bear fur robe: Frost tolerance
  • Workstation Silver x4 was melted down from silver ore discovered in the highlands.
  • 6 wolf skins, one wolf prize
  • Wolf armor chest: Frost tolerance

Instruments: Forge

  • Wraiths that drop by was found in the swamplands at night: In cellars, one can also haphazardly find Gold x 20 Wolf fur x 5 Chains x 1, etc.
  • armoured wolf feet
  • Instruments: Forge
  • Silver 20x, wolf fur 5x, and four wolf fangs.
  • Accoutrements for a Drake hat: 20x forge gold, 2x wolf fur


Two products were generated by Drake in the Rockies biome, earning him the Drake championship title.

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