8 Rarest Villagers in Animal Crossing

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Contrary to other video games, Animal Crossing is a Nintendo exclusive and lacks any definite action or adventure goals. The game only offers you access to a town, poses an issue linked to a lack of resources or social standing, and then sends you off to figure out how to survive off of the local fauna and flora.

Most people are unaware that the series was inspired by a Japanese N64 game named Animal Forest (2001). In the GameCube game from 2002, Animal Crossing was essentially introduced to every player. The most recent of these games are Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020) for the Switch, a game that Nintendo could not have made during the pandemic if they had not also invented the coronavirus.

Players in all of these games grow fixated on locating and interacting with every conceivable villager in the constantly changing social ecosystem. There are many different types of these villagers, but some are far more uncommon than others. These are Animal Crossing’s top 8 rarest types of villagers.

8. Wolf

Name in Japanese: Okami
Known individuals include Wolfgang, Whitney, Lobo, Fang, and Freya.
a total of 13

In Animal Crossing, there are thirteen identified wolf villagers. Players are aware that each villager has a predetermined personality that is divided up differently depending on the animal. The twelve wolves are divided into five grumpy, two smug, three snobby, and one “regular” wolf.

The wolves are thought to be the temperamental villager type and are more than half Sagittarius.

Did You Know?

Since she played the lead in the Nintendo-produced Animal Crossing movie Dbutsu no Mori (2006), Whitney is one of the most well-known wolves in the game. Sadly, the movie was never released in the United States. Additionally, several of the most uncommon pieces of equipment from Animal Crossing were distributed to viewers in Japanese theatres as special vouchers.

7. Deer

Name in Japanese: Shika
Famous people: Erik, Bam, Fuchsia, Fauna, Lopez, Zell, and Fuchsia.
a total of 12

The Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012) featured the introduction of the Deer villager type. The males have antlers, and they have hooves for hands. There have only ever been twelve deer villagers, including Bam, Beau, Chelsea, and Zell.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Shino made her debut. She is special since she is the only female deer with horns.

Did You Know?

No villager in the Animal Crossing games is “rarer” than any other, which is an important concept to comprehend. When a new town is built, the games are procedurally generated, which means that the world’s scenery, items, and even inhabitants are distributed in accordance with the game’s algorithm. The animal varieties that have been depicted less frequently over the course of numerous games make up the “rarer” villagers, with deer being one of them.

6. Cow/Bull

Name in Japanese: Ushi
Known individuals: Bell, Bessie, Patty, and Petunia
Total: 8 out of 9.

Bulls and Cows are essentially the same animal species, albeit with different genders. However, given that there are only 9 cow villagers and 8 bull villagers respectively, either one might be regarded as one of the game’s rarest animal species. The curly horns of the bulls help to identify them. Unsurprisingly, Taurus signs make up the majority of them.

The most well-known cow villagers are Belle, Bessy, Petunia, and Tipper. Contrary to some animals, cows appear in about equal numbers in each game in the series, starting with Dbutsu no Mori or Animal Forest on the N64.

Did You Know?

According to her photo quote in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Patty the cow, also known as “this month’s Ms. Nintendique cover model,” has appeared in every game in the series. Her name is Karupi in Japanese, which is short for “karupisu,” a milk-based soft drink.

5. Lion

Name in Japanese: Raion
Known individuals: Aziz, Bud, Elvis, Leopold, and Rex
Nine in all.

One of the rarest animals in Animal Crossing, there are just nine lion villagers. Four of them have the jock personality, two are arrogant and grumpy, and one is sluggish. There is no lioness or female equivalent; all members of the lion village are male.

As one might expect, most of the lion characters are Leos by birth, although Mott, Jubei, and Aziz are surprisingly not.

Did You Know?

Due to his prominent appearance in the series’ early games, Aziz used to be the Animal Crossing character most closely associated with lions. However, since his last appearance in Animal Crossing for the GameCube, he has disappeared from the series. His name, which is Persian for “beloved” (Farsi). His signature word is “RAWR.”

4. Rhino

Name in Japanese: Sai
Well-known figures include Hornsby, Merengue, Rhonda, Spike, Tank, and Tiara.
Nine in all.

In Animal Crossing, there are nine rhinos flaunting their recognisable huge snoots and short horns. Three of these nine have the typical personality type, which is unusual for the more uncommon animal species. There are also two snobbish rhinoceros, a sluggish rhino, a jock rhino, a sisterly rhino, and an angry rhino.

Hornsby, Merengue, Spike, and Tank are a some of the most well-known rhino characters.

Did You Know?

Since Merengue first appeared in New Leaf, he may be the most well-known rhino in the Animal Crossing series. She wears a red and white Japanese schoolgirl uniform, has a head covered in layers of whipped cream white fur, and has a strawberry-shaped horn. After all, “merengue” refers to “meringue,” the confection made from whisked and sweetened egg whites.

3. Alligator

Alfonso, Alli, Boots, Del, Liz, and Sly are well-known figures.
Nine in all.

In Animal Crossing, there are nine alligator villagers, each with a significantly huge head that lessens the impact of their fanged faces. They each have one haughty, conceited, and irritable personality in addition to two typical, lazy, and jock gators. Alfonso, an alligator, was a major character in the first game.

One is a robot (Del) that is only shaped like an alligator, and another is obviously a dragon, thus it’s debatable whether there are only seven alligators in total (Drago). With the identical head form, nose, and teeth, however, both are obviously based on the profile of the alligator villagers, therefore we’re counting them.

Did You Know?

Yu’s best companion in the original Dbutsu no Mori, Alfonso the slothful alligator, has made several appearances throughout the series. He has a red shirt on and says, “It’s a me,” making him a parody of Nintendo’s Mario.

2. Tiger

Name in Japanese: Tora
Bangle, Rolf, Leonardo, Rowan, and Tybalt are well-known figures.
Seven in all.

With only seven appearing in the entire series, tigers are one of the rarest villagers in the Animal Crossing games. There are three jocks among them: two who are vivacious, one who is snobby, and one who is a complete crank. Every tiger is unique.

Every Animal Crossing game has had tigers, most notably Rolf, who has been in every single one. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and New Horizons, every tiger character appeared at once.

Did You Know?

One of the larger-built inhabitants is Rolf, the irritable tiger from earlier. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, his photo quote is “I could devour you for lunch, you know.” He enjoys exercising.

1. Octopus

Name in Japanese: Tako
prominent figures: Marina, Octavian, and Zucker
Five in all.

The octopus is the most uncommon villager in Animal Crossing. Although there are just five in the series, they have all existed from the beginning. The majority of the games only include one or two of the diminutive tentacled men, each of whose personalities can be categorised as either regular, jock, cranky, lazy, or smug. We’ll overlook the fact that no octopus character is cheerful because they have no bones.

The octopus character Octavian has made an appearance in each game in the series. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a 2017 mobile game for iOS and Android, also features all the octopus characters, with the exception of Inkwell.

Did You Know?

In Animal Crossing, octopi are special in that they are both a type of villager and a fish that can be caught—something that most people probably don’t think about. The frogs are the only other villager kind for which this is true.

The Bottom Line Animal Crossing has always been a smart way to combine a video game and a hobby. This was extremely fortunate for the success of the series’ sales during the quarantine in 2020–2021, when people had plenty of time to explore their small villages every day.

Since the beginning of the series in 2001, dozens of different animal species have appeared in Animal Crossing, but these animal villagers are among the rarest. These villager categories have significant effects on your behaviour in your individual Animal Crossing world since the game transcends the boundaries of a traditional video game and develops into what some would consider a full-fledged social simulation in the age of online cooperative play. Each individual contributes to the game-turned-social phenomenon of Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami’s original vision for this charming friendship simulator and has their own distinct appearance and personality.


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