What is a Huge titan? How Rod Reiss Defined the AOT?

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The Huge Titan is a character from the Attack on Titan manga and anime series (AOT). “Colossal titan” is another name for it. The massive titan is one of the nine titans and the main antagonist of the first three Attack on Titan series. It’s famous for its enormous size and complete control over steam emissions.

During transition, the Huge Titan generates steam from its body and exercises blast control. In the year 845, the huge titan first appeared. Huge Titan or Colossal Titan abilities and characteristics

The massive titan possesses tremendous talents and traits. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Steam Emission

As previously established, the gigantic titan has complete control over the amount of steam that its titan form may produce. Most Titans create steam from their wounds. Following a fatal blow, their bodies evaporate and turn into steam. To keep humans away from its nape, the massive Titan could create as much steam as possible.

The Titan’s massive steam-emitting power can be used in a variety of ways. First, the pressure and intensity that comes with producing a large amount of steam can burn and drive away anyone who is in close vicinity to the Huge Titan.

If the Colossal Titan is bonded to a person, the heat will sear them, leaving them at the Titan’s mercy.

In the actual world, the Titan suffers from overuse of its power. It can, for example, diminish muscle mass until the skeletal framework becomes visible.

The Huge Titan could evaporate its entire body at once and vanish in rare conditions. The user becomes inevitably vulnerable, with no way to protect themselves from a fall from a great height where the Titan once stood. However, by wearing omni-directional gear, the user can overcome this disadvantage (ODM gear). When fighting the Titan, the gear allows for tremendous mobility.

The arrival of the Huge Titan at Trost is a good example. It emitted a large amount of steam to keep Jaeger away from its nape.

Explosive Transformation

Do you know anything about explosive transformation? The Huge Titan has upgraded, despite the fact that all Titans produce large amounts of steam and energy. That is, it may manipulate the energy generated during transformation to produce a variety of outcomes.

When Bertholdt met Trost, for example, his change created a wind blast. Some cadets were thrown over the wall by the blast.

During combat at Shiganshina District, however, Bertholdt created enough energy to power a tiny nuclear weapon. The energy destroyed a section of the district and set the area on fire. A large number of Scout Regiment officers were slain.

A big mushroom, rubble, and dust appeared as a result of the change. In a devastating explosion, Arielt used the explosive transmutation to wipe off practically the entire Marleyan naval fleet at Liberio. The motion generated energy waves, which caused damage to the port.


The Huge Titan is known for its enormous size. It stands sixty metres tall, high enough to see over the tops of the Walls. Its immense physical strength is due to its molecular weight. The actual point is that its vast bulk allows it to move more steadily. To put it another way, it travels slowly.

The Huge Titan, on the other hand, is powerful enough to kick the outer gate of the Wall Maria down. It has the ability to fling entire structures into the air, as it did when Eren Yeager glided from the Wall Maria’s tip.

And there’s more. The Colossal Titan’s arms are far larger than the rest of its body. In this example, it signifies that the top section of its body has less strength than the lower part.

Armin also uses the Huge Titan’s enormous size and strength to demolish the Marleyan ships after his transformation by trampling on them.

How Did Rod Reiss have a Huge Titan Form?

“Lord Reiss” is another moniker for Rod Reiss. From 845 until 850, he was the ruler of the Walls. Rod’s main purpose was to reclaim a Titan that had been taken from his family. He planned to accomplish this by having his daughter (Historia) devour Eren Yeager.

What is a colossal titan? Rod Reiss explains the titan size Human Form AOT 2
Rod, as Historia, was a small man. He did, however, have short black hair in comparison to Historia. Rod was slightly overweight as well.

Rod was usually dressed in the garb of a powerful person. He was, of course. He’d put on a shirt with a pullover chest, followed by slacks and dress shoes. All of his outfits have a black and white colour scheme. It could be all white in rare circumstances.

Rod, on the other hand, dresses in a shirt, slacks, and long coat for Titan rites and family meetings.


Rod appears to be a calm and cool individual. At the same time, he often appears despondent and concerned. Rod is a wise and educated man. It’s clear from the way he spoke about his brother (Uri) and daughter (Frieda) obtaining and losing the Founding Titan.

Throughout his time with Ackerman, Historia, and Eren, Rod maintained his cool. He even kept his cool after Ackerman grabbed him by the throat and attempted to slit it.

Rod got anxious and erratic after Historia squashed the serum. When the syringe shattered and licked the serum on the floor, he felt distraught and cried.

How can you transform into a massive Titan?

Rod may have become a Huge Titan in a variety of ways. It could also be the result of a mix of causes. Rod, as previously stated, had consumed the serum.

But do you have any idea? The serum was created with Historia in mind. Instead of inoculating himself with it, Rod licked it off the floor. We know he didn’t finish the prescription. He is still a member of the Royal Family, nevertheless. It meant he had some sort of connection to the Titans who were unusual or unique.

According to Essay-reviewer.com, aberrant Titans are created in a particular way. They arose because they did not ingest the proper amount of Titan serum. The abnormal Titans have different characteristics than normal Titans.

Rod, for example, is likely to have consumed the serum incorrectly. In this way, he developed into a different Titan, considerably larger and bent out of shape than previous Titan breeds.

Rod’s enormous size made him quite popular. Except for his manly build, which most Titans have, he does not resemble his human form. Reiss grew to 120 metres in height, making him one of the world’s tallest Titans. That is, he was double the size of the Huge Titan, who stood sixty metres tall.

Reiss was recognised for his skeletal structure, which showed nearly all of his bones. He has no face since half of his head has warped owing to friction with the ground. Rod’s face, on the other hand, could be restored if he stopped dragging his head on the ground.

Titan Shifters

Rod’s physique, strangely enough, resembled that of a worm in structure and form. Like a worm, he could expand and flex his torso.

His enormous girth, like that of the Huge Titan, hindered his movements and generated a lot of heat. It was difficult to approach him without being scalded because the heat he emitted was so powerful.

Rod acquired a Huge Titan serum from the Titan Shifters. The tale informs us that the serum has the potential to transform Historia into a powerful titan.

Who are the most powerful giants, one would wonder?

The shifters are who they are. Even though they are unconscious, they have the potential to become pure titans. However, they are unable to morph into a Huge Titan. Rod didn’t believe it was a good idea to limit himself to a titan of sixty metres. To that aim, we believe he changed into the unique Huge Titan.

Why did Rod Reiss become such a massive Titan?
Most people feel it was because of Reiss’s consumption habits. But consider it from a different perspective. First and foremost, it’s unlikely that he ingested the serum this way. Instead, it was Reiss’s stomach. He’d ingested the most potent Titan serum.

Another reason was that the story’s themes of willpower, ambitions, and goals played a vital role. We believe Reiss had a great desire to transform into something that would assist him attain his objectives. However, because of his ambition, he became a Titan in the true sense, having increased his physical and mental strength.

Reiss is a member of the Royal Family, as we all know. They have some sway over the Ymir people in this circumstance.

We believe that those royal members who do not possess the Founding Titan have a deep bond with the Ymir and the other elders. As a result, Rod may have persuaded them to elevate him to a position of authority and influence.


Reiss’ body enlarged after swallowing a liquid substance. Humans who have consumed the common titan serum are known as normal titans. This gives them an average size. In summary, consuming the titan serum allows you to gain and explore new powers and abilities. Because it was a separate breed, Reiss was more popular than the Huge Titan. He matured so much to attain his goals because he was so determined to do so.


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