Where to Find Fortnite Klombos Spawn?

Originally posted on December 21, 2022 @ 1:09 pm

When Fortnite UPDATE 19.10 was released on January 18, uncommon dinosaurs known as “Klombo” were added and Tilted Towers were returned. They might even give you stuff as a gift if you were utilising Klomberries to catch such compassionate giants, and they wouldn’t fight you until provoked. To learn more about “where klombo spawn,” keep reading the article.

What is a Klombo, exactly?

In the video game Fortnite, the Klombo is a huge lizard-dragon creature that lives on the island. Klombos are deadly, yet they won’t attack you unless you provoke them. Because it takes a lot of injuries to turn them angry toward you, you won’t need to worry about them very often. Although you should also know “where does klombo spawn,” alternate uses for the Klombos are important to know. You can first climb onto the Klombo’s head and use its blowhole to fly into the air. It might be simple to leave with the group.

Where the Klombo Spawn is located!

You might want to check out a few other places to find Klombo. Klombos are large, obtrusive animals that are difficult to ignore. These are frequently visible before you see them or witness them wrecking havoc on structures and trees. Due to their large size, they prefer to reproduce in much more open regions.

In general, you can assume that Klombo is close by if you see a lot of Klomberry trees. Simply lob these at it like any other projectile, and he will take them all in. The task is complete if you place 5 in his mouth, and you will receive 200,000 XP.

  • 1st Location: There is a meadow amid Tilted Towers and Sanctuary. 
  • Location 2: Near the coast, to the Daily Bugle’s southeast.
  • Location 3: Between Sleepy Sound and the Daily Bugle
  • Location 4: Rocky Reels and Conker’s Raceway are located in the desert area (near Haven)
  • Location 5: The fifth location is Coney Crossroads.

Can Klombos Be Killed? 

If you don’t attack Klombos first, they won’t attack. When they are pushed, individuals become unreasonable and snap. If you offer them klomberries to eat, they’ll relax.

Like some other species, klombberries cannot tame klombos that are being fed. Therefore, they won’t fight with you or by your side. However, if you give them enough Klomberries, they’ll spout items you can use, like ammunition.

A Klombo would be severely wounded by any weapon, taking 1 damage. So, can you defeat those beautiful yet terrifying dragons? The straightforward response is that you shouldn’t, at least not now.


In conclusion, the essay has made an effort to provide you with a thorough response to the query, “where does klombo spawn?” I hope the locations I stated above-made sense to you.


How often does Klombo spawn?

Despite establishing spawn sites all across the island, klombos only sporadically show up. After numerous studies, there have only ever been three Klombos in a single Fortnite lobby.

Does he play in every game if so?

The answer is that the spawning rate of Klombo is not 100% because they can be found in many different places.

How many life does Klombo have?

According to the Fortnite Wiki, the Klombo has 2000 horsepower.


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