Who Are the Ex-Husbands of Jenni Rivera?

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Who Are The Ex-Husbands Of Jenni Rivera? The singer Dolores Janney “Jenni” Saavedra was an American actress, singer, television producer, and spokesperson. She was well known for her work in the regional Mexican music genre. Read on to find out who these men were and what they did. Here are the names of her ex-husbands.

Jose Trinidad Marin was one of Jenni Rivera’s ex-husbands. He became famous for his molestation of his former lover Rosie. During the trial for sexual abuse, Rosie eventually confessed to him. Eventually, she told her family and filed a complaint against him. Their relationship was rocky, but they managed to stay together. Their marriage lasted for a decade, and they had four children together.

The two married in 1985.

Before she met Trino, she was pregnant. Her husband had a long history of alcohol and drug addictions. The two divorced in 1992. Their children were the only thing that kept them together. Unfortunately, they had a long, difficult marriage and separated after filing for divorce. Jennifer Rivera’s children have yet to meet their father, but it is not impossible.

After Trino Marin, Jennifer Rivera, and Jose Trinidad Marin were linked by the media. The couple divorced, and their daughter admitted to the molestation. While Jenni Rivera remained faithful to Trino, he was accused of sexually assaulting her two daughters. The couple’s marriage ended in December 2012, and the former couple is still in jail. The relationship between the two women was very complicated, and she was forced to leave her husband.

Despite their rocky relationship, it’s important to remember that Jenni Rivera’s marriage with Trino Marin was divorced after sexual abuse. Although she did not mention her husband’s past, there is a photo of her with him on her Instagram page. Neither of them has a social media presence. However, she does share pictures of her children, and the two of them have a very happy relationship.

The first and second husband of Jenni Rivera was Trino Marin.

He was the father of her three children and was an abusive partner. He also had an unfaithful wife and was convicted of molestation. The couple divorced in 1992, but she was married to the same man twice more. Her children are now in their thirties, and their mother is still alive.

The second and third ex-husbands of Jenni Rivera are Beto Cuevas and Jose Trinidad Marin. Both men were abusive and had an affair with Jenni, and they divorced in 2006. Sadly, Trino never got to jail, and Jenni did not even see his sons after their marriage. The third ex-husband is a former boyfriend of Trino, and he cheated on her with her younger sister.

Jenni Rivera

The first ex-husband of Jenni Rivera was Jose Trinidad Marin. He was abusive to her daughters and her sister, Rosie, and he was physically and emotionally abusive to her. While she was married to Trino, she was still influenced by the drugs he drank. She also had a relationship with her father’s sister, Esteban Loaiza.

Her second ex-husband was Juan Loaiza.

He was her manager and assistant. The two were separated before she was even a mom. Despite the distance between them, their relationship lasted for five years. Afterward, she married a fellow actor, Adan Terriquez. The couple had a daughter named Jacqie, Michael. Their relationship was short-lived.

In the early 1990s, Jenni Rivera was married to Trino Marin. He had three children with Jenni and was a musician. They were separated in 1992. During the time of their marriage, they divorced. Their daughter was born to the rapper Chiquis Rivera. Their divorce was an acrimonious affair, and both had their share of cheating. For more information, click to how tall is ranboo that would be the right place for you.

The first husband of Jenni Rivera was Trino Marin. The couple had two children. They divorced in December 2012. Their daughter, Chiquis, was born after their marriage. They had two children together during their relationship, but the relationship ended with their arrest. After the divorce, Jose was sentenced to a life sentence without parole. During this time, Jenni was not only married but also a mother.

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