What Happened To Dusty’s Leg? (Revealed)

Originally posted on November 6, 2023 @ 10:04 am

The American snake catcher Dusty Crum, or “The Wildman,” sprang to celebrity after appearing in an episode of Guardians of the Glades on the Discovery Channel. In November 2021, he was involved in a serious car accident that almost cost him his leg. 

This article will explain what happened to Dusty’s leg, how he recovered from the injury, and how it affected his life and career.

The Accident: What Happened to Dusty’s Leg?

Dusty was riding shotgun in a truck on a Florida highway when a tire blew on the trailer and the driver lost control, causing the truck to fishtail before flipping three times. Dusty’s lower right leg and knee were severely damaged in the crash. He told TMZ that his leg was hanging out of the window and he had to drag it back inside the truck. He was taken to a hospital in the Fort Meyers area, where he underwent multiple surgeries to save his leg.

Dusty’s Recovery

Dusty spent over three weeks in the hospital, where he faced the risk of infection and amputation. He said that he didn’t know if he was going to live or walk again. He had to undergo several skin grafts and metal rods were inserted into his leg to stabilize it. He also had to go through a long and painful rehabilitation process, where he learned to walk again with the help of a walker and a cane. He thanked Jesus for healing him and said that he was blessed to be alive.

The Impact on Dusty’s Life

The accident had a huge impact on Dusty’s life, both personally and professionally. He was unable to hunt for snakes, which was his passion and his source of income. He said that he missed being in the Everglades and catching pythons, which he considered to be his duty as a defender of the ecosystem. He also faced financial difficulties, as he had to pay for his medical bills and his living expenses. He said that he had to sell some of his belongings and rely on donations from his fans and friends.

Current Update

Despite the challenges, Dusty did not give up on his dream of hunting snakes. He said that he was determined to return to the swamp and resume his television show. He said that he was working hard to regain his strength and mobility and that he was optimistic about his future. He also said that he was grateful for the support and love he received from his family, his girlfriend, his dog Riley, and his fans. As of January 2023, Dusty was back on the screen, joining the cast of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion, where he teamed up with Troy Landry and other snake hunters. He said that he was happy to be back in action and that he was ready to face any challenge.


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