WB Joy Bangla Pension Scheme: Online Registration, Eligibility & Benefits

Originally posted on October 22, 2021 @ 1:12 pm

The Chief Minister of West Bengal State has launched a new scheme to assist all West Bengal State’s poor. This scheme is called the West Bengal Initiative Joy Bangla Pension Scheme. We will be discussing the benefits and important features of this scheme in today’s article. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply for West Bengal Joy Bangla. We also have included important dates and important documents.

Joy Bangla Pension Scheme

The West Bengal Joy Bangla Pension Scheme has been launched in phases. Both these phases will benefit the socially backward group of society, which is Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribal. The Taposali Bandhu Pension Scheme is the scheme that was launched for the scheduled category. Jai Johar scheme is the scheme that was launched for the scheduled tribe group. Both schemes will be beneficial to the various castes and social categories.

Benefits of Joy Bangla Pension Scheme

The West Bengal Bangla pension plan, which was announced by Mr. Amit Mtra, the West Bengal state finance minister, has many benefits. The first is that there will be two schemes launched under the single parent scheme, the West Bengal Joy Bangla. The West Bengal State resident will have two separate schemes to avail the benefits of this scheme. There are different types of incentives under each scheme.

Incentives under the Scheme

The following is a list of incentives that will be offered to residents of the West Bengal state. Below is a list:

  • All beneficiaries will receive 600 Rupees from the Taposali Bandhu Pension scheme.
  • All beneficiaries will receive 1000 Rupees under the Jai Johar scheme Rupees.

Criteria for Eligibility

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for West Bengal’s pension scheme:

  • The applicant must be a resident permanent of West Bengal state.
  • The applicant must be a member of the BPL category.
  • The applicant must be a member of the scheduled caste or the scheduled tribe community.
  • The applicant must not be older than 60 years.
  • The applicant cannot be enrolled in any other pension scheme of West Bengal State.

WB Joy Bangla Pension scheme features

  • The benefits will be deposited directly into the beneficiary’s bank account
  • Soon, a separate portal will be launched by the government for this scheme
  • There are approximate. This scheme will benefit approximately 21 lakh citizens of the state
  • All candidates of SC/ ST can apply if they are old, widowed or PwD.
  • But the government has not yet finalized the budget

Documents are required

These documents are required to apply for West Bengal Joy Bangla’s pension scheme:

  • Passport Photograph
  • Copy of the Caste Certificate
  • Copy of digital certificate from the appropriate authority
  • A copy of the Digital Ration Card
  • If possible, a copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of Voter ID
  • The Copy of the Residential Certificate (Self Declaration).
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Self-Declaration)
  • Copie of Bank Pass Book

In the Event Of Death

The concerned authorities will follow the following steps if the West Bengal pension scheme candidate dies during the time of pension:

  • After proper verification of the information provided, the Department will take appropriate steps to stop pension payments upon the death of a pension applicant.
  • The amount due will be paid to the nominee if the pension recipient dies.

Application Procedure Of Joy Bangla Pension Scheme

The following steps are required to apply for West Bengal Joy Bangla.

  • Visit the official website Here are some examples
  • Click on the link known as West Bengal Bangla Pension Scheme Registration after landing on the homepage.
  • On your screen, the application form will appear.
  • This application form can also be obtained from the nearest government office.
  • To directly download the application form to your computer, click on the link.
  • Fill up the application form.
  • Take a copy of the application form to fill in the details such as beneficiary name and gender, DOB, birth date, age, father, mother, caste, etc.
  • Attach the following documents
  • Please submit the completed application form to each office in your locality.
    • In rural areas, the Block Development Officer will be contacted.
    • In the case of the applicant, the Sub-Divisional officer is located in Municipal / Notified areas that are not within the boundaries of Kolkata Municipal Corporation
    • If the applicant is a resident in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Commissioner of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

These are the Things to Remember When filling out an application form

  • Please fill out the application form using accurate information in the Block letter
  • Make sure to complete the mandatory columns
  • Only submit a self-attested copy
  • You must attach a passport-sized photograph to the Application Form

Selection Procedure Of Joy Bangla Pension Beneficiary

Once you have submitted the form, the authorities will follow the following selection process:

  • The BDO/SDO and Commissioner of KMC will verify the Application Forms
  • They will verify the eligibility of applicants.
  • All forms that are eligible to be submitted in person will be digitalized and uploaded into the State Portal by either the BDO/SDO or Commissioner of KMC.
  • The SDO and BDO will submit the names of eligible people in digitized form through the State Portal to the District Magistrate.
  • The Nodal Department will receive it from the District Magistrate.
  • The State Portal will allow the Commissioner, KMC to submit the names of the eligible people directly to the Nodal Department.
  • The Nodal Department will approve the pension
  • Through the WBIFMS portal, the payment will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • WBIFMS will integrate the State Portal with WBIFMS to facilitate seamless flow of pension disbursement
  • The 1st day of each month will see the pension sanctioned.

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